About Us

[sub·​jec·​ti·​fy] verb

to consider with a lens influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions


All art is inherently subjective, and so it follows that all discussion of art, media and culture is always, by nature, going to come from a personal perspective. Subjectify Media brings together a group of close-knit writers to talk about their favorite books, movies, television shows, and more, keeping this principle firmly in mind. It was founded on the idea that when it comes to the art of story, in all its forms, we all have a unique – and yes, biased – point of view on the properties and fandoms we love. And that’s okay. This site aims to bring you passionate, and sometimes lengthy, coverage of the projects we care about most, from a proudly subjective angle.

In the age of instant information via social media, we’re not racing to bring you the latest news in article form – instead we’re keen to tell you how the new developments make us feel, and share features, reviews and interviews about the stories that speak to us.

When Hypable.com closed its doors in 2021, senior editor Karen Rought and features writer Natalie Fisher, both of whom said goodbye to Hypable after 10 years of devoted journalism, decided to utilise their experience and extend their successful podcasting partnership to establish a new website. Friends and colleagues from around the world have joined them in sharing their mission to provide expertise and in-depth analysis that will connect with fans and creators alike.

Our dedicated coverage extends beyond the written word, as Subjectify Media is the producer of four distinctive podcasts: ReWatchable and Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast, both of which began life on Hypable, Not About The Weather, which until now was independent, and Prophecy Radio, a brand new show. With several new episodes releasing each week, our podcasts are hosted by the same legion of podcasters you’ve come to know and love over the years via the wider Hypable network.

If you want to write with us, offer us a press opportunity, or simply get in touch as a reader, you’re welcome contact the Subjectify Media team at staff@subjectifymedia.com or reach out on social media.