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Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast was the first-ever Teen Wolf podcast in existence, offering its listeners an in-depth analysis of the hit MTV show. Established in 2012, hosts Karen Rought and Natalie Fisher created Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast as a way to bring more attention to the show and satiate their own desire to discuss a series they had fallen head-over-heels in love with since it first premiered in 2011. Behind the scenes, Brook Wentz, Courtney Guy, and Donya Abramo kept the ship running, managing social media, creating graphics, and providing their own insight into the show.

From 2012 to 2017, the Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast team brought fans episode recaps, convention coverage and exclusive interviews, plus in-depth discussion of all aspects of MTV’s Teen Wolf, from mythology to cast side projects – and now, they’re back to cover the two new Paramount Plus projects from creator Jeff Davis: Teen Wolf: The Movie and the new teen werewolf series Wolf Pack.

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Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast recapped the first two seasons of Teen Wolf in time to discuss season 3 as it aired. From there, Natalie and Karen followed the series every step of the way as it concluded in 2017 with season 6. In conjunction with weekly recaps, Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast attended several conventions (Bite Con, Howler Con, San Diego Comic-Con, and New York Comic Con) to provide even more coverage of the beloved series.

Throughout the years, they interviewed countless people from the television show, from its creator Jeff Davis to its leads Tyler Posey (Scott McCall), Dylan O’Brien (Stiles Stilinski), Crystal Reed (Allison Argent), Holland Roden (Lydia Martin), Tyler Hoechlin (Derek Hale), and more. As the cast members came and went, Natalie and Karen chronicled the show’s transformation along the way.

In addition, Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast made an effort to highlight the crew who worked tirelessly to ensure the Teen Wolf was the best it could be. Interviews with writers, editors, costume designers, music coordinators, and more gave listeners a behind the scenes look at how a show like this was made.

The entire NATWP crew was also lucky enough to be invited to the Teen Wolf set, where they witnessed the show’s creation first-hand. As both journalists covering the show and seriously excitable fans of the series, it was unbelievable to see their favorite locations up close.

One of the highlights of Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast’s history includes the time Natalie and Karen were invited on the Teen Wolf after show Wolf Watch in order to talk to the cast about how they manifested their love of the show into a successful podcast that brought fans together from all over the world.

When Teen Wolf ended in 2017, Natalie and Karen continued to write for, covering a bevy of fandoms with the same passion they had for Teen Wolf. A few of these included Supernatural, Into the Badlands, Percy Jackson, and more.

Four years later, the announcement for a Teen Wolf movie coming in 2022 revived Not Another Teen Wolf. Natalie and Karen dusted off their mics and came together once again to talk about the future of this show. With the film on the horizon, and more to come from Jeff Davis and the cast of Teen Wolf, there’s no telling what the future holds. But you can rest assured that Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast will be there every step of the way.

Testimonials for Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast:

“Karen, Natalie and the rest of the NATWP team are hilarious, and their intelligent analysis of Teen Wolf is so enjoyable to listen to. If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll love this. Thanks for the hard work guys!” – shayofawe

“This is the best Teen Wolf podcast! Congratulations on your Alpha of the Week appearance on Wolf Watch. You guys are awesome! I enjoy the depth of knowledge and theories you come up with about our favorite characters.” – beatga

“Quality podcast! My favorite thing about this show is that it’s fun AND informative. While they talk about the fun aspects of the show, they also go in-depth with other topics, as well. Plus, the hosts are HILARIOUS!” – aaaadnama

“I’ve been a listener of this podcast from the very beginning and they always provide not only good, thoughtful analysis and up-to-date coverage of things going on related to Teen Wolf, but they’re also entertaining and have some pretty awesome quotable moments. Each week I can’t wait to hear their thoughts after every episode, and their hiatus/non-recap episodes are also wonderful and very interesting.” – leahbeex

“This podcast is always entertaining and never fails to make me laugh. Everyone involved obviously loves the show and its characters as much as I do.” – nerdwatch

“I recently started watching Teen Wolf and wanted some supplemental media. This show fills that perfectly. They pull their favorite quotes, go over the most recent episode and discuss it in detail. I love the discussions, sometimes Karen and Natalie point out things I missed and they always have fun. They are entertaining and insightful. I love that they have bite sized podcasts where they go over related but not episode specific items.” – amylynnknits

“An amazing team. I love this show without a doubt but these two girls, Natalie and Karen have such great chemistry, I find myself enjoying their conversations even when they’re not about Teen Wolf. They reach out to the fans, bringing them on as guest hosts and even have actors from the show on. This is one you definitely want to check out for sure.” – mdearth24

“I started listening to this podcast when I needed more Teen Wolf after each episode aired, and it is just awesome to listen to. Karen and Natalie (and all others involved) are so insightful and funny, I often laugh out loud when I listen. I look forward to seeing a new podcast every week just about as much as I look forward to each new Teen Wolf episode. Keep up the great work guys!” – 1kellye1

“I’ve never been a podcast listener, but Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast is something that I never knew I needed until I found it. They provide interesting unbiased discussions, which I feel is sometimes hard to find within the Teen Wolf fandom. Recommend all Teen Wolf fans to listen to them.” – mollypchu

“5/5. I look forward to this podcast as much as I look forward to Teen Wolf.” – WCH609

Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast was founded in October 2012 by Karen Rought and Natalie Fisher and was originally hosted on Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast is now produced by Subjectify Media.