Not About The Weather

Not About The Weather skips the small talk to engage audiences with passionate, personal, in-depth discussion regarding the world of storytelling and entertainment. Featuring conversation, commentary and interviews with the Not About The Weather team and our special guests from all walks of life about whatever’s got us fired up this week, be it movies, music, memes, TV, theatre, books, baked goods or bad days at the office.

This podcast is the first general-interest, personality-based discussion show from a group of podcast hosts formerly dedicated to covering specific properties with a singular focus.

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In the summer of 2016, MTV announced the impending series finale of their flagship scripted drama Teen Wolf – therefore setting a natural ending point for the wildly successful Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast, one of the Teen Wolf’s most prominent and symbiotic fan media resources.

Hosts Karen Rought and Natalie Fisher, both, at the time, long-time staff at, found themselves faced with a choice: finish up the Teen Wolf podcast and lose the community that had grown around it over the past five years, or transform the podcast into something new, something without a shelf life. So Not About The Weather was born.

Bringing together our favorite elements from the NATWP community and our favorite co-hosts from other projects such as ReWatchable, Karen and Natalie transformed their formerly single focus-show into a platform for showcasing their passion about anything and everything, relying on the investment of the existing audience and their continued interest in the hosts’ personal recommendations and tangents.

A usual Not About The Weather episode includes every host bringing two current topics to the table – something they’re ready to get excited about, and something they want to complain about. We call this “an obsession to share and a grievance to air, ” or simply our “hypes” and “gripes.” We mainly sticki to pop culture commentary – thoughts about movies, TV, books, music and fandom – but you never know when someone might want to wax lyrical about a really good pizza or raise awareness about a political issue.

With regular rotating hosts from all over the world and from all walks of life, no topic is too niche for our team to “hype” or “gripe” about! Sometimes the episode involves complete free choice on topics, sometimes the hypes and gripes are all around a central theme, and sometimes we have special guests join us for an interview about their career or project alongside our traditional hypes and gripes.

We have enjoyed speaking to variety of guests from all walks of entertainment life, including actors, screenwriters, directors, founders of creative and charitable organizations, music execs, artists and authors. Highlights include actor/director Richard Speight, Jr, best known for Supernatural and Band of Brothers; Supernatural writers Davy Perez, Meredith Glynn and Megan Fitzmartin; Timothy Omundson, best known for Galavant and Psych; Michael Dante DiMartino, best known for creating Avatar: The Last Airbender; Britta Lundin, writer for Riverdale and author of Ship It and Like Other Girls, Christopher Gutierrez, founder of the DeadxStop Publishing Company and the Catcade Cat Rescue; and Mara Frankel, creative director at Atlantic Records.

When featuring a full-length interview, we aim to provide a platform for guests whose work we truly cherish to come on and speak freely about whatever they most want to promote or expand upon, talk about the things that they’re hyping and griping themselves, and share stories that the most dedicated of fans would be thrilled to hear.

But above all, Not About The Weather is our most free-form outlet, a place for our hosts and their friends to get together and let off steam about the things that have been taking up space in their minds lately, whether that’s in a positive or negative way. We hope you join us for many hypes and gripes to come!

Not About The Weather was founded by Karen Rought and Natalie Fisher in October 2016 and is produced by Subjectify Media.