ReWatchable: A TV Re-Watch Podcast is dedicated to rewatching completed cult classic or unjustly cancelled TV shows with a team of both superfans and newbies. Join us for analysis, commentaries, character discussions, and more for each show we choose to tackle.

During our rewatches, we stay spoiler-free for our discussions on an episode-to-episode base, to give our newbie hosts and listeners a chance to discover things fresh! We ask that listeners also don’t discuss any spoilers for the shows we’re watching ahead of that episode’s discussion in their feedback to us or on our social media.

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We have a large rotating team, and not every host may feature on every show we tackle, but a typical episode of ReWatchable will feature four hosts: two superfans, who have seen the show before, and two will be newbies, who are fresh to the property and have no idea if it will be to their taste or not. This setup means that we don’t always agree, but we always aim to provide passionate, in-depth discussion – even if not all of us like what we’re watching. In fact, unexpected reactions have been some of the funniest and most interesting moments in the history of ReWatchable.

All our TV Re-Watches are available in our feed, so jump right in at whichever show you’d like – we love hearing from people who are watching one of the shows we’ve covered, maybe for the first time, and listening along with our experience! From one-season wonders like Firefly, to our huge Buffy and Angel rewatch, which took two and a half years to complete, we have a a variety of options to choose from. Below is a timeline of our shows to date.

February 2013 – ‘Firefly’

July 2013 – ‘Veronica Mars’

April 2014 – ‘Pushing Daisies’

July 2014 – ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’

March 2015 – ‘Freaks and Geeks’

June 2015 – ‘Avatar: The Legend of Korra’

December 2015 – ‘Buffy’ and ‘Angel’

July 2018 – ‘Sense8’

January 2019 – ‘Agent Carter’

August 2019 – ‘Veronica Mars’ season 4

March 2020 – ‘Pitch’


Along with our full series rewatches, we have done occasional special episodes to cover movies (often related to one of our prior rounds) or for holidays. Stay tuned to see what ReWatchable has in store for Fall 2021 and beyond!

Testimonials for ReWatchable:

“I’m currently listening to both the Veronica Mars and Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes and have listened to others in the past. The concept of the show, having both newbies and super fans, is unique and gives a great combination of views on character as well as individual episodes. I’m looking forward to the rest of the ATLA episodes and future shows!” – noriannyx

“It is beyond delightful. If you’re a fan of any of the shows they’ve covered, you need to listen. The hosts are wonderful and their conversations are thought-provoking and articulate. I plan on going back to listen to previously covered shows. You’ve got a fan forever! Keep up the awesome! – gigglebox1012

“To boil it down to one word, this podcast is fun. A diverse cast of hosts get together once a week to talk about a television show they are watching together. It genuinely feels like hanging out with a group of pretty cool friends.” – cerulean snidget

“I have to say that this is one of my favorite podcasts – ever. I love these guys so much. They’re incredibly entertaining, opinionated, and intelligent. Their discussion is always on point, and you can tell they enjoy doing what they do. It might be a chore to put the podcast together, but when they record they have a great time. I’ve been with them since nearly the beginning, and I’ll be with them until the end. Listen to this show NOW.” – zachhofficial

“The hosts are hilarious and never afraid to share their true opinions – even when they dislike the show, their candor can be equally funny. The superfans are passionate and chock-full of behind the scenes fun facts! I’ve loved the Buffy/Angel run, even if my fellow newbies haven’t. I went back and listened along with Firefly, which was also great. I’m excited to listen to the AtLA run sometime soon, and even more excited to find out what show they’re tackling next.” – l_graden

“While I don’t always see eye to eye with everyone’s interpretations, they have given me so much more to think about and have challenged the way I perceived many of the story lines. Knowing that each episode was going to be dissected really changed the way I re-watched the series.” – jwilliamb

“I don’t usually write reviews, but… ReWatchable deserves these 5 stars. The hosts are great and not only do they offer great discussion, but also just enjoyable listening. They are hilarious and the banter between them makes you feel like you are just hanging out with friends. I listen to a lot of podcasts and this one is probably one of my favorites. Thanks for the laughs, and keep up the great work!” – canwebebestfriends

“Not only a great way to re-watch and discuss your favorite shows, but for those of us who ever never seen the shows, it’s great to hear the thoughts of already-fans and newbies. The hosts are also fantastic, as the shows are always interesting AND fun. There has yet to be an episode that hasn’t had me in tears from laughing. Here’s hoping this podcast goes on for a long while!” – aaaadnama

“I LOVE this podcast! I listen to you all while I’m at work and you make my day so much better! I’ve been a Buffy/Angel super fan for what feels like forever. I really enjoy hearing everyone’s opinions even if I don’t agree with some, and I love it when you all can make me see an episode I’ve seen a million times with a different viewpoint. Shout out to Natalie for her love of Spike (I too am obsessed with him), and to Mitch for all of his outlandish theories that sometimes come true (RAT AMY!!!). Keep on being awesome and making my day rock!” – tabduncan28

“One of the best things about this podcast is the rotating cast of hosts who do the podcast. It’s nice to get different views and opinions every time I listen to a podcast. Sometimes I will hear one of them say something that I disagree with and as I’m mentally preparing my reply, another host ends up saying what I wanted to say in my reply. I love that. Rewatching along with the podcast has made me think about the shows differently and has made me find out things that I missed the first time around. The chemistry and camaraderie between the hosts is apparent and makes for an entertaining hour of rewatch awesomeness… or two hours when Mitch is on.” – joits

ReWatchable was founded in February 2013 and was originally hosted on ReWatchable is now produced by Subjectify Media.