Episode #154 – Wish Us Well

What’s this? Another new episode of Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast!? Natalie and Karen return once again to talk about Teen Wolf: The Movie. With San Diego Comic-Con right around the corner, you better believe we’re about to get a slew of new information about what’s to come for our favorite teen (and adult) werewolves. We’re here to catch you up on all the latest, and let you know what to expect when we return from SDCC. Continue reading “Episode #154 – Wish Us Well”

Episode #153 – Adult Wolf

We can’t believe we’re saying this, but welcome back to a new episode of Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast. Natalie and Karen have dusted off their mics and came together once again to talk about the future of this show. With a Teen Wolf Paramount+ movie on the horizon, and more to come from Jeff Davis and the cast of Teen Wolf, there’s no telling what the future holds. But you can rest assured that Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast will be there every step of the way. Continue reading “Episode #153 – Adult Wolf”