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Episode #165 – Naked and on Fire

Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast episode #165 dives into Wolf Pack season 1, episode 7, “Lion’s Breath.” This week, the pack decides to be proactive and devises a plan to trap the werewolf and change it back into human form. While it sounds pretty straightforward, there’s that little problem of bait. Namely, that they’ll have to risk Austin to do it. Meanwhile, Garrett and Kristin Ramsey grow ever closer, and we finally get some solid answers as to who she and what she wants. With only one episode left, we’ve gotten a lot of answers, but we still have so many questions!

  • We’re barely keeping it together, but we’ve got time for some wolf teens.
  • The opening scene to this episode was SO. SCARY.
  • How long did it take you to figure out if Baron was actually there or not?
  • How much are Everett and Baron actually linked?
  • Is the monster controlling Baron, or is someone else controlling the monster?
  • We’re very unclear on the werewolf rules of this show, but that’s part of what makes it so interesting and fresh.
  • Is this really just all a setup for season 2? If so, the finale will probably blow this world wide open!
  • Did Phoebe really have to do that thing with her mouth!?
  • How is Everett seeing Phoebe, and why is she giving Everett information?
  • Was Garrett trying to stay up all night to protect himself from the pack or the pack from something else?
  • Everything Kristin says is so loaded, and at this point it feels like she’s toying with Garrett.
  • Did Kristin’s family live human lives outside of their lives in the forest?
  • Good on Everett for not being afraid to say he was terrified.
  • Why is Everett the only one that Baron is showing himself to?
  • Okay, is Luna actually crazy, or are we reading too much into this?
  • Everett’s mom really is the worst, but is Everett starting to cross lines?
  • We really just want to know what’s going on with his dad and all those medications.
  • What’s Kristin’s actual purpose regarding the arson investigation, which is quickly turning into a murder investigation?
  • Where and when (and how) did Danny see Kristin at the parking garage?
  • Why does Kristin seem more open to talking to the kids about the truth than Garrett?
  • Will Blake open up to her?
  • Will any of the werewolf myths that Garrett and Luna discuss come back later in the show?
  • Kristin was giving some real single-mom-looking-for-a-dad-to-step-up vibes in this episode.
  • Is there a chance Kristin’s mate is still alive? Is he the voice on the phone?
  • What did you think about Kristin’s flashback of the fire 17 years ago?
  • Is it easier to maul someone as a wolf or as a person with very sharp claws?
  • Why did Kristin want Garrett to see the nest of bodies?
  • Was there a reality in which she would have killed him?
  • Why won’t she just come out and tell him the truth about everything?
  • What did we think about Everett’s plan to kill and then resuscitate Baron?
  • It’s great that Everett is so confident these days, but it feels like the other shoe is going to drop.
  • Why does Karen always fall for the psychopaths??
  • What did we think about that scene between Austin and Luna in her bedroom?
  • Why was the title of this episode “Lion’s Breath”?
  • It was so cool seeing the whole pack coming together, using their individual powers to trap the werewolf.
  • Can they turn into a super wolf?
  • How does the sharing of their powers actually work?
  • Did Austin’s final act of the episode shock us?
  • Can Baron survive a silver knife to the heart?
  • What could Baron’s special power be?
  • The preview for Wolf Pack episode 8 is quite a bit longer than the other ones we’ve seen so far.
  • Who called in the nest of bodies?
  • Were they debating whether to save Baron’s life?
  • Can you believe Luna is the one who’s given up on the pack!?
  • We’re kind of worried about Everett…
  • Are we going to get flashbacks of Baron?
  • Has Luna been in on it the whole time?

This episode’s hosts are: Karen Rought and Natalie Fisher.

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