Episode #156 – Teen Wolf Pack

It’s a new era of Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast! In addition to Teen Wolf: The Movie, we will be using this platform to cover Wolf Pack, the new Paramount+ show from Jeff Davis. It may be about teen werewolves, but it is not a spin-off. In this episode, Karen and Natalie break down everything we know about Wolf Pack so far, from the casting to the plot to the themes, and boggle at the fact that the actual Sarah Michelle Gellar is a now a part of our extended Teen Wolf family. Continue reading “Episode #156 – Teen Wolf Pack”

Episode #155 – High-Functioning Zombie

Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast is back, and we still can’t remember how we introduce ourselves! Natalie and Karen return once again to talk about Teen Wolf: The Movie, which is quite literally right around the corner. With San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic Con in the bag, we’ve got plenty to discuss thanks to the latest slew of trailers, clips, and interviews. You want diehard fan insights? Crazy speculation and theories? Our worst nightmares realized? We’ve got you covered. Continue reading “Episode #155 – High-Functioning Zombie”