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Episode #166 – Dream Logic

Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast episode #166 tackles Wolf Pack season 1, episode 8, “Trophic Cascade,” the season finale of Jeff Davis’ new werewolf show on Paramount+. This week, the pack must decide whether or not to save Baron’s life. If they do, they could be stronger than ever, but if they don’t, Everett and Blake’s lives could finally go back to normal. Meanwhile, Garrett and Kristin continue to circle the truth, still hesitant to trust in one another. Will we finally get the answers to all our burning questions? There’s only one way to find out! Listen as Natalie and Karen break down the events of the episode and try to figure out what’s coming next.

  • We’re warning you now that we have no idea what happened in this episode.
  • What exactly is a cold open?
  • We discuss Baron’s warped walk down memory lane one vision at a time, but we have a lot of trouble deciphering what’s true and what’s not.
  • Did Everett actually go through some sort of treatment like that?
  • Is this why the doctor and the nurse died?
  • We once again wonder how many of these characters are unreliable narrators.
  • Did Blake and her parents actually get into a car crash?
  • Harlan’s memory seems to be less warped than any of the others.
  • They used to be so close!
  • Baron’s scene from Luna’s perspective is super warped, and we wonder if this is silver poisoning or if it’s just dream logic.
  • Was Cyrus’ scene real? Did it actually happen at some point?
  • It looks like Baron was indeed the wolf that Harlan saw as a kid.
  • Finally, we return to real life and get some answers, however fleeting.
  • Why was Everett so mad that Harlan thought it was his fault he was having a panic attack?
  • By the way, that was definitely Ian Bohen’s voice on the phone.
  • Which is all well and good, but we want to know who he is and how he knows so much!
  • Blake isn’t going to stop the pack from saving Baron, but she isn’t going to help them either, and we can’t blame her for that.
  • Is Kristin able to hide when she lies?
  • So, Cyrus is AN arsonist, but not THE arsonist?
  • Is there any significance to his fire and when it occurred?
  • What was going on with that white noise machine!?
  • You can really see the hope draining from Luna throughout this episode.
  • Why did Kristin slip the recording into Harlan’s pocket?
  • How did no one hear or feel her in the house?
  • Neither Blake nor Everett are wrong when it comes to the merits of being a werewolf.
  • It was the parking garage! Not the parking lot!!
  • Good thing Kristin doesn’t have to snuggle with people to mark them as safe.
  • Why are Danny and Blake being taken away from their father, and why was Kristin involved in the process?
  • Is there something forcing the people in power to drive the kids apart?
  • We discuss the conversation between Kristin and Blake about whether or not she would want Danny to be more like her.
  • Whichever side of the line you fall on, you gotta admit that something is wrong with Kristin.
  • Why is Luna feeling so let down at this point? Has everything finally taken its toll on her?
  • The scene where Everett gets sectioned was really intense.
  • Everett’s dad is not…hinged.
  • This feels so much more like a mid-season finale, and we’re wondering how long until we get Wolf Pack season 2!
  • Why is Jang all of a sudden so hellbent on getting Harlan!? Do they even have evidence?
  • Is Kristin actually the arsonist?
  • Was Baron living as a normal werewolf in the forest all that time?
  • Can we trust what the show is telling us?
  • That timing of that phone call was really bad.
  • We are just a podcast, standing in front of Jeff Davis, asking him to tell us the identity of the voice on the phone.
  • What does Kristin mean when she says only the pack can turn Baron human?
  • Silver resistance would’ve been a pretty sweet power.
  • Did Kristin’s fight near the end give anyone else Buffy vibes??
  • Do you ever notice when a scene is using the actor or when they’re using a stunt double?
  • Did Garrett actually shoot Malcolm?
  • Had you ever heard the phrase trophic cascade before?
  • Who is the prey Kristin is speaking of? What is her purpose in bringing back the predators, aka the werewolves?
  • Is Baron on Kristin’s side now? Can he control when he bites someone?
  • Would Harlan and Luna fight for Garrett’s right to not be a werewolf?
  • Would Garrett even accept the bite? Would Kristin give him that option?
  • We discuss our plans for future Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast episodes.
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This episode’s hosts are: Karen Rought and Natalie Fisher.

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