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Episode #155 – High-Functioning Zombie

Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast is back, and we still can’t remember how we introduce ourselves! Natalie and Karen return once again to talk about Teen Wolf: The Movie, which is quite literally right around the corner. With San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic Con in the bag, we’ve got plenty to discuss thanks to the latest slew of trailers, clips, and interviews. You want diehard fan insights? Crazy speculation and theories? Our worst nightmares realized? We’ve got you covered.

  • We catch you up on what’s been going on with us in case you missed the last few episodes since the show stopped airing in 2017!
  • Yes, we will be covering Wolf Pack, so stay tuned!
  • We revisit the finale, Teen Wolf season 6, episode 20, “Wolves of War.” You can listen to our initial reaction here, from the episode we put out in 2017.
  • How do we feel about the finale all these years later?
  • We’re looking at where we left everyone by the end of the series.
  • Will Alec be a part of the movie? Will Scott’s pack be larger than we saw it here in the finale?
  • A bigger question may be whether Monroe is still an issue all these years later.
  • We are so totally here for Proud Dad Derek, and we can’t wait to see what kind of role he has in the movie.
  • We check in on all the other characters we know we’ll see in the movie.
  • Yes, Jackson still has a tail. No, it’s not just hanging out behind him all the time.
  • Pour one out for Cody Christian.
  • Out of all the couples, which ones do we think are still together?
  • Should Scott still be holding onto what his relationship with Allison was like when they were 16?
  • Dylan O’Brien might not be in the movie, but will Stiles, the concept, feature in the film?
  • Make sure you check out all the information we gathered in Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast episode #155 because this week we’re discussing all the new stuff we’ve learned since then.
  • We’re so thankful we were at SDCC 2022 to witness the Teen Wolf movie trailer even though so much was going on we basically blocked it out and didn’t process anything until now.
  • Who is the nogitsune trying to convince to go against Scott and his friends?
  • Is Allison a consequence of the nogitsune coming back to life?
  • What do we know about the canon of ressurection in Teen Wolf?
  • Okay, we have a SOLID definitely SERIOUS theory about who the villain of the movie is.
  • Was the nogitsune the worst villain on Teen Wolf?
  • Watch the Teen Wolf movie teaser trailer and follow along as we go through everything we get to see.
  • We have so many questions about Eli, but mostly: Who raised him!?
  • We also have a lot of questions about the burnt forest and wonder if it could be aliens.
  • Long live Deputy Mason!
  • Why does everyone have to be in mortal danger all the time? Fifteen years was not a long enough break from this shit.
  • Jeff had an entire plot for Deaton for the season 6 finale, so we wonder if that’ll show up in the movie.
  • Could Hikari be a kitsune, considering everything this movie is about?
  • Is it too naïve to hope that no one dies??
  • Do we think Allison will stick around once the movie is over, or will she die again?
  • Do you have to re-up your Alpha subscription after a while? These are important questions, people.
  • Did Beacon Hills High get a lot of money to build a new stadium!?
  • We seriously need some surprise cameos.
  • How does it feel to see Peter again? We’re still obsessed.
  • Watching Allison’s reveal in the trailer at SDCC was truly something else.
  • Okay, it’s time to talk about the full-length trailer.
  • Will the movie look any different from the television show?
  • We get some context for the shot in the teaser trailer with the little girl on Scott’s back, and Natalie has a pretty complete theory for what’s going on here.
  • Out of all the people to stay in contact with, why Deaton!?
  • Do we know what Lydia’s job is? Because she looks STUNNING.
  • We have some wild theories this episode, BUT WHAT IF THEY CAME TRUE?
  • Karen does not like Chris’ rational reaction to Allison’s return.
  • Are there other characters we would want to come back from the dead?
  • We’re still confused about when exactly this movie takes place in relation to the show.
  • What if Allison is Allison but she came back wrong?
  • How long is this movie!? Because there’s a lot going on.
  • What’s going on with the nogitsune in the jailhouse??
  • Are we upset about Malia and Parrish hooking up?
  • Jackson needs to set aside several moments of the film in order to flirt with some people.
  • Speaking of, we’re really excited to see this version of Jackson and what he’ll bring to the table this time around.
  • Next, we’re going to talk about the Teen Wolf movie NYCC panel, which took place in October 2022.
  • We love Tyler Posey’s energy and dedication to the Teen Wolf universe.
  • We circle back to how Teen Wolf handles resurrections.
  • The movie is in a unique position to go into the psychology of the characters and how they deal with their long-term trauma.
  • Is it normal for all born werewolves to go through werewolf puberty?
  • It might be nice if they did not weaponize the child, but fat chance that happens.
  • That scene where Allison attacks Derek and Eli was so intense!
  • The love between Crystal Reed and Jeff Davis was palpable, and we love how excited she is to bring Allison back to Teen Wolf.
  • Will Lydia be excited to see Allison? We’re not so sure…
  • What does it mean that Shelley is bringing a lot of herself to Malia in the movie?
  • What’s up with Liam in the movie, especially now that he’s not the youngest in the pack?
  • What will Malia and Allison’s relationship be like, banking on the fact that Allison is “cured.”
  • Are the new kids all right? How difficult was it to transition into this established cast?
  • Apparently there are some flashbacks in the movie, and we speculate as to the context behind them.
  • Make sure you watch the Entertainment Weekly interview.
  • We’re super happy Allison is back, but let’s not forget about Jackson’s return!!!
  • All we need to know is whether or not Ethan is okay.
  • Has someone actually been cast as Greenberg?
  • Jeff Davis is not a canon traditionalist.
  • The big question here is…will this make us angry??
  • Make sure you tune into Behind Beacon Hills, the behind-the-scenes documentary. You can watch episode 1 now!
  • How about that tour of Roscoe the Jeep, though??
  • How significant of a role could Coach Finstock have in the movie?
  • Somebody give Tyler Posey his own food and travel show.
  • We truly hope the Teen Wolf movie is a success so we can get more.
  • Time is so much harder now, but we’re so happy to be back working on Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast.

This episode’s hosts are: Karen Rought and Natalie Fisher.

Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast was the first-ever Teen Wolf podcast in existence, offering its listeners an in-depth analysis of the hit MTV show. Each episode, our Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast hosts will keep you up to date on the latest news and developments about the 2022 Teen Wolf movie, and who knows what else we might decide to revisit while we wait for it!

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