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Episode #157 – Emotional Support Jeep

Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast is here to give you our first impressions about Teen Wolf: The Movie, which hit Paramount+ on January 26. There is no rhyme or reason to this episode—just our unhinged, unfiltered reactions to watching the film for the first time. Did we love it? Was it satisfying? Were we surprised by any of the twists and turns? Be sure to watch the movie, and then join us for this roller coaster ride of emotions as we get all of our thoughts and feelings out of our systems.

  • We’re doing this off the cuff, and we feel both naked and afraid. Don’t expect any of this to be in order!
  • Let’s just talk about the butts, shall we?
  • The swearing totally makes sense, and we’re glad they put it in the movie.
  • Liam got to open the movie for us—what were our first impressions?
  • We kind of want another season set directly before the events of this movie…
  • Natalie has a theory about how Hikari came into the fold.
  • Okay, real talk: How do we feel about the big reveal of the man in the hood??
  • This movie really makes some deep cuts, but we also wish it had answered some more questions.
  • How long did it take us to put together the fact that the nogitsune was the one who wanted Allison to come back to life?
  • If only Deaton had been the one possessed…
  • Who was driving the revenge plot toward Scott, Harris or the Nogitsune?
  • Should Allison have died again at the end of the movie?
  • Were Lydia’s visions of Allison being stuck also false?
  • Why is Scott’s only friend Deaton!?
  • What about that crack about Scott wanting children?
  • Natalie breaks her brain trying to figure out the timeline of the movie and Eli’s birth.
  • Why did Malia and Scott break up? We never got an answer for a lot of the relationship stuff.
  • Jackson Whittemore deserved every second he had on our screens and then some.
  • We really wish we could’ve had some sexy mechanic scenes.
  • Eli brought a new dimension to the show, and we really loved him.
  • Natalie has a Another Controversial Opinion about who should’ve died in the movie.
  • The flashbacks throughout the film were very emotionally impactful.
  • We’re so curious about how people will respond to the Emotional Support Jeep.
  • Did we feel Stiles’ absence in the movie? What about the breakup?
  • How did we feel about Scott and Allison getting back together?
  • How much was the Nogitsune scrambling Allison’s brain? Some of her information was warped.
  • We loved seeing Eaddy Mays as a surprise cameo in the movie!!
  • Karen weighs in on the fight sequences and action scenes.
  • Regardless of anything else, we think Crystal Reed did a phenomenal job.
  • Maybe Greenberg never existed at all…
  • That Divine Move was pretty awesome, but when did they make this plan??
  • Everyone got their Power Moment, and we loved it.
  • Peter definitely had his own couple of moments and he’s ridiculous and we loved all of them.
  • A lot of people got burnt during this movie.
  • Karen’s got some ideas for spin-offs.
  • We were SO scared for Mason.
  • What are our favorite moments from the movie?
  • Karen makes a pitch to write a book prequel to the movie.
  • What did you think of the title sequence?
  • Did you catch the fact that Posey was singing the outro song?
  • We need them to release some deleted scenes.
  • We’ve got an even better idea as to who should adopt Eli.
  • Let’s leave off on our overall feelings and whether we’d watch more Teen Wolf in the future.

This episode’s hosts are: Karen Rought and Natalie Fisher.

Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast was the first-ever Teen Wolf podcast in existence, offering its listeners an in-depth analysis of the hit MTV show. From 2012 to 2017, the Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast team brought you episode recaps, convention coverage and exclusive interviews, plus in-depth discussion of all aspects of Teen Wolf, from mythology to cast side projects. Now we’re back to cover the Teen Wolf movie on Paramount+, as well as the new Jeff Davis werewolf show Wolf Pack!

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