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Episode #153 – Adult Wolf

We can’t believe we’re saying this, but welcome back to a new episode of Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast. Natalie and Karen have dusted off their mics and came together once again to talk about the future of this show. With a Teen Wolf Paramount+ movie on the horizon, and more to come from Jeff Davis and the cast of Teen Wolf, there’s no telling what the future holds. But you can rest assured that Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast will be there every step of the way.

  • We absolutely do not remember how to do this show.
  • We spoke two days ago elsewhere but we have not spoken on this show together for four years.
  • We have some new developments about our writing careers and this podcast has a new homepage! Subjectify Media.
  • We owe so much to Teen Wolf, in terms of our personal experience, what it’s given us and how it’s educated us in this industry.
  • How did we feel about hearing this news?
  • What were some of your fave responses from cast and fans?
  • What do we think it says about the fandom and the ongoing interest in the show?
  • Who do we think will come back?
  • Who do we think won’t?
  • What is Dylan O’Brien DOING on Twitter?
  • Weirdest desire for a prior character?
  • Who would we like to force in there even though they’re dead?
  • We consider where the finale left off. It did not really have a resolution, and in fact the pack was gearing up to face a bigger drama than they’d ever experienced before. How did that end up playing out?
  • We try to recall the timeline. During season 6, 2017 in reality, the show was still in 2013, with a time jump to 21-year-old Scott in 2015.
  • If the movie is being set in real time – 2022 – Scott will be 28 years old. Derek will be, like, 35. Basically their ages in real life right now. GOD, what if one of them has CHILDREN?
  • Does Teen Wolf follow Darwinian or Lamarckian evolution – like, can a turned werewolf have a natural werebaby if their partner is human? 
  • Maybe they should all just adopt abandoned monster children.
  • What couples might still be together or not? Melissa/Chris? Scott/Malia? Stiles/Lydia? Sheriff/Natalie Martin? Corey/Mason? Jackson/Ethan? Derek/Braeden?
  • We don’t even know what to speculate on. Karen wants to see some new creatures, but Natalie thinks it will be human villains.
  • Jeff Davis also has two new shows on Paramount Plus – Aeon Flux and Wolf Pack. What are we thinking about those at the moment?
  • We have listener feedback! We can’t believe it! Thanks for listening after all this time!

This episode’s hosts are: Karen Rought and Natalie Fisher.

Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast was the first-ever Teen Wolf podcast in existence, offering its listeners an in-depth analysis of the hit MTV show. Each episode, our Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast hosts will keep you up to date on the latest news and developments about the 2022 Teen Wolf movie, and who knows what else we might decide to revisit while we wait for it!

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