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These ‘Bridgerton’ season 2 cast teasers are worthy of Lady Whistledown

The Bridgerton season 2 cast have a lot to say about the ‘ton’s upcoming season.

Knowing their fans, like the citizens of the ‘ton, are always eager for gossip, the cast and creator of Bridgerton season 2 sat down for a press conference with Netflix to discuss all the season’s sexy secrets.

Chris Van Dusen, the Bridgerton showrunner, was in attendance, along with returning cast members, Jonathan Bailey (Anthony Bridgerton), Luke Thompson (Benedict Bridgerton), Luke Newton (Colin Bridgerton), Polly Walker (Lady Featherington), Bessie Carter (Prudence Featherington), Golda Rosheuevel (Queen Charlotte), and new cast members Simone Ashley (Kate Sharma) and Charithra Chandran (Edwina Sharma).

We can’t wait until Bridgerton season 2 premieres on Friday, March 25, and these teasers have gotten us even more excited! Here are the things we learned from the Bridgerton season 2 press conference.

‘Bridgerton’ season 2 cast teasers

‘Bridgerton’ season 2 will have everything you loved in season 1 and ‘more’

Chris Van Dusen said that after the huge popularity of Bridgerton season 1, the goal was to make season 2 bigger and better. It will have “more steam, more scandal, more sex, more sexy moments,” he said excitedly. If that’s the case, then sign us up!

We will learn more about Queen Charlotte’s own love story

The state of Queen Charlotte’s marriage to King George III was very briefly hinted at in Bridgerton season 1, and it will be explored further in season 2 as the Queen takes on a larger role in the series. Of the new storyline, Golda Rosheuevel said, “It’s really important to see her humanity and her vulnerability. I’m so grateful that we have a Queen who is three-dimensional. We get to see her private life and what she’s dealing with behind the scenes.” Getting to know the Queen better is one of the things we’re most excited for in Bridgerton season 2.

A Harry Styles summer smash almost played during one of the most pivotal moments of the season

With the main love story of the season being between Lord Anthony Bridgerton and Miss Kate Sharma, you have to think that their first dance is going to be an extremely important moment. That’s especially true in the world of Bridgerton, where the ballroom can be as intimate as the bedroom.

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Jonathan Bailey let it slip that while this soon-to-be iconic dance occurred to the heart-wrenching “Dancing on my Own” by Robyn, it was almost accompanied by “Watermelon Sugar,” the delicious and romantic summer hit by Harry Styles.

Colin will be searching for a new purpose in ‘Bridgerton’ season 2

Colin’s storyline was cloaked in scandal in season 1, but as Eloise predicted, he was relatively unscathed by the end of the season, heading off on some travels to right himself. According to Luke Newton, when he returns at the beginning of Bridgerton season 2, he will have “some interesting facial hair and a tan,” which is exciting for everyone!

We also learned that Colin has “sworn off women for the time being,” which we’re sure will be a disappointment for the ‘ton resident with the sharpest quill. “He’s looking towards business pursuits, and he kind of wants to find his place within the family. His brothers have ambition and drive, and they have things that they focus on in their lives. He’s looking for his thing. He’s done the travelling now, and he’s looking for what’s next.”

The Queen and Edwina will share a crucial scene in which they behave as ‘equals’

It’s hard to imagine that the new girl in the ‘ton would find herself on equal footing with the literal Queen of England, but that’s the magic of the storytelling in Bridgerton! All of these women are given a real humanity and complexity, allowing these kinds of moments to occur.

When asked about the moment, Charithra Chandran said, “I brought what Golda and I have in our personal relationship to the Queen and Edwina,” implying that the two actresses developed a close relationship off-screen as well. Golda chimed in, saying, “I really wanted that scene to not be mother/daughter, or teacher/student. It was really important for us to be equals.” Adorably, Chandran then added, “Game recognizes game!” This is already one of the scenes we’re most excited for in Bridgerton season 2.

The Bridgerton brothers will have an even deeper relationship in season 2

We love it when the Bridgerton siblings get together, and it sounds like there will be a lot of that to look forward to in season 2. Especially with the three oldest boys. Luke Thompson and Luke Newton both had some interesting comments about their brotherhood that we can’t wait to explore further.

Thompson started by saying, “This is explored really successfully in this season,” speaking on the complexity of the relationship. “You’re both the best person to talk to, and the worst. The best because you’re made of the same stuff, and the worst because you’re trying to break free from each other.”

Newton added, “It may come from the lack of a father figure. Anthony is part father figure to them but also a brother. There’s that conflict where they don’t quite know how to treat him because [Colin] looks up to him like a father, but when there’s any animosity between the two, he lashes out at him like a brother.”

We will also learn more about the former Viscount, their father

Jonathan Bailey excitedly spoke about the scenes that explore their father’s death, saying that it was “brilliantly explored. It speaks to Anthony’s isolation, but also the real trauma and sense of loss, which is palpable throughout the family.”

Anthony is so consumed with his duty in Bridgerton, particularly entering into season 2, so it will be cool to get some insight into how that role began for him.

Anthony and Kate’s love story will follow the ‘enemies to lovers’ trope

You may want to scroll past this one and say, “duh,” but wait! Jonathan Bailey had some insightful words on the trope itself, and how it applies to Anthony and Kate in Bridgerton season 2.

On the “enemies to lovers” storytelling trope, Bailey said, “It’s about identifying something that you don’t like about yourself in someone else. You have this similarity. It’s passionate, it’s complicated, and it’s a shared identity.” Yup, we’re sold!

‘Bridgerton’ season 2 will contain ‘more psychological nudity than literal’ nudity

Don’t worry, Jonathan Bailey’s six pack is going to get plenty of screen time, but he did express that the nudity in this season of the show will be “more psychological than literal.” More of an undressing of the mind and soul, than the body, if you will.

While we’re going to deeply miss the sex montages of season 1 if we can’t look forward to as many in season 2, we’re also looking forward to more expressions of a different type of intimacy, especially with Anthony at the center of it.

We will see a Haldi ceremony and other elements of South Asian culture

Simone Ashley confirmed that we will get to see a Haldi ceremony in Bridgerton season 2, which is a pre-wedding tradition in some South Asian cultures. Both Ashley and Chandran were excited to bring their culture to the screen in this season.

“There was so much of our own personal experience that we brought to those moments,” Ashley expressed. About the Sharma family, Chandran added, “They’re transplanted into London, and they’re trying to fit in and be as successful as possible within that community. What I love about the show is that in moments of deep sadness and in moments of jubilation, you see them reverting back to their culture.”

With amazing actresses like Simone Ashley and Charithra Chandran joining the cast, we’re so excited that they get to bring elements of their culture to Bridgerton!

Catch ‘Bridgerton’ season 2 on Netflix on Friday, March 25!