‘Nancy Drew’ season 4, episode 13: Series finale predictions and wishes

It feels like just yesterday we were starting season 4, the final season of Nancy Drew on the CW, but here we are, just a day before the series finale. There are so many stories I wish they could tell and so many things I wish we could see unfold, but with only one episode left, there definitely won’t be time for everything.
But, there’s always plenty of room here to guess what will be in the episode and talk about what we want to see happen in Nancy Drew season 4, episode 13. So, let’s get to it.

What we want and wish to see in ‘Nancy Drew’ season 4, episode 13

I definitely want a satisfying resolution to the Nancy and Ace storyline.

Nancy Drew season 4 episode 13
This storyline has been hanging over our heads for more than a whole season now, so it’s about time to get some resolution. For this fangirl, that can only mean breaking the curse once and for all, but who knows if that’s even possible. I’m not going to pretend that the end of Nancy Drew season 4, episode 12 didn’t have me hoping and wondering that somehow, some secret of Temperance’s is about to be released, and it will contain the key to Ace and Nancy’s enduring happiness.

And if they absolutely can never break the curse, I hope we get a flash forward to them 20 years in the future, happy, healthy, and still friends, because their bond is worth preserving in whatever way possible.

There are other things I want to see in the finale, I swear, Nancy and Ace’s curse is just the item at the top of my list.

I want to see Bess fully embracing her happy life.

Nancy Drew season 4 episode 13
Okay, so I know that getting through all the mystery still left regarding the Sin Eater is going to take some time, but I really do hope we get a chance to see everyone living happy, healthy lives. I am especially bullish about this for Bess. As much as I want George, Nick, Ace, and Nancy to be happy, I really want to see Bess fully embracing her beau, Addie, and getting control of the Historical Society back. I didn’t even know I needed to see Bess Marvin at the Historical Society until the show gave us that reality, and now it is everything I want for her. To see her mentoring youths that need her help, nurturing town pride and community involvement, and celebrating all the milestones the town has endured. I really hope the last 10 minutes give us a brief glimpse into the future, just so I know Bess Marvin is living her very best life.

I want to see Nick finally finding himself

More than any other character on this show, Nick has been on a true soul search. He was so undefinable in season 1, and has come a long way since then. But he still has a long road to go before he is truly comfortable in his own skin. As much as I would love to see him and George find their way back to each other, I would really be okay with them being long distance pen pals, check-in-once-a-month friends, or even just celebrating holidays together. Especially if it means Nick gets to know himself once and for all. I am absolutely happy with the trajectory his character arc has gone this season, and I adore Jade, so I hope however his story wraps up, it leaves him knowing himself better than ever before.

I want to see George leading by example

I don’t know if I could count how many times George tells people to do something, and then completely ignore her own advice. She is so often willing to tell people one way to handle something, and then go and do the complete opposite. George’s storyline has been at its very best when she was taking initiative and leading a good example with her actions. The penultimate episode has set George up spectacularly, so I truly believe this is one wishlist item that is destined to come true. George is going to follow her heart, and I believe that everyone in her life will be uplifted by watching George Fan chase her dreams.

I want to see Ryan as the best uncle ever

Nancy Drew season 4 episode 13
Okay, so this baby is not about to be born in the finale or anything, but, I really want to see Carson and Ryan bonding again, and Ryan expressing his interest in being a part of Carson’s family, no matter what Nancy may be doing. I mean, I want Nancy, Carson, Ryan, Jean, and the baby to pretty much be one big happy family, but it is especially important to me that Ryan and Carson continue to build a close friendship. It doesn’t seem like Carson has that many people in his life these days, and Ryan really isn’t done transforming out of the Hudson mold. They are just really awesome friends and I hope they have a lifetime’s worth of friendship ahead of them.

I want to see everyone back again

There are so many familiar faces I hope get a chance to pop up in the series finale. All the Horseshoe Bay townsfolk who have popped in and out of the series from time to time, and the series regulars and guest stars that came and went. I would love to see a glimpse of Hannah Gruen, Office Joyce, Agent Park, maybe even Chief McGinnis or a ghosty glimpse of a spirit or two that we might recognize. This show has been made all the better by the day players that have come and made a big impact, and they make up the very fabric of Horseshoe Bay.

I want to see a happy ending.

If Nancy Drew season 4, episode 13 ends with everyone in the group going their separate ways, I will be LIVID. These people have proven how important they are to each other over and over again. Just because the adventures that we get to see are ending, doesn’t mean they aren’t continuing to work with and help the supernatural together. I am totally fine with some people hitting the road or moving away to achieve greatness, but I want to know that they have not completely forgotten Horseshoe Bay, or the friends that got them through that one absolutely insane year of their lives. Maybe I’m spoiled by all the romance books I read, what with their genre-defining happy endings always wrapping the story up with a bow, but I don’t think leaving these characters flailing in the final chapter is the right tone for the series finale. They’ve all come too far and worked too hard to part ways with them like that.

What do you think, wish, and hope will happen in ‘Nancy Drew’ season 4, episode 13?

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