‘Glass Scientists’ excerpt: Dr. Jekyll can’t resist Mr. Hyde’s silver tongue

Our Glass Scientists excerpt is for those of you who love webcomics, Gothic fiction, monsters, mayhem, and—of course—mad scientists!

If you’re reading this, then I’m guessing that description of Glass Scientists spoke to you. In that case, be prepared to discover your newest obsession!

S. H. Cotugno, a queer and mixed-race director, writer, storyboard artist, and self-described Victorian horror nerd, created Glass Scientists. You might know them best from such projects as Gravity Falls, The Owl House, and Star vs. the Forces of Evil. This is their first published graphic novel, but it’s clear they didn’t come to play games!

Volume One combines the first seven chapters of this webcomic, which is equal parts thrilling and hilarious. If you love Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and Frankenstein, you’ll love love how this brand new Gothic world pulls from the past while inventing a new future. And those of you who love reimagined worlds like Lore Olympus will enjoy discovering a new universe with a wide array of interesting characters to love and hate.

And if you’ve already discovered this world, then you’ll be delighted to learn that Glass Scientists: Volume One features a brand-new side story, a behind-the-scenes look at the artwork, and even more exclusive bonus content. Plus, it’s available in print for the first time ever. Every fan, new and old, would do well to pick up a copy.

If you’re new and want to know what you’re getting into, check out the official synopsis for the story before jumping into our exclusive Glass Scientists excerpt. In it, you’ll meet both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the latter of which knows exactly how to push his counterpart’s buttons.

About ‘The Glass Scientists: Volume One’

glass scientists volume one excerpt

London isn’t the safest place for mad scientists these days. After that whole ordeal with Frankenstein, angry mobs have gotten awfully good at hunting down monsters and wiping out anything they don’t understand. In fact, if it weren’t for one extraordinary young man, every out-of-the-box thinker would have been locked up … or worse.

That young man is none other than Dr. Henry Jekyll. He believes mad scientists would thrive if they could just fix their public image, which is why he founded the Society for Arcane Sciences, a place where like-minded eccentrics could come together to defy the laws of nature in peace.

But everything changes when a mysterious stranger arrives, bent on taking the Society in a radical new direction. With everyone turning against him, Jekyll’s life starts to spiral out of control, shattering all his carefully laid plans and threatening to expose his darkest secret—one that could destroy everything he has built from the inside out.

‘Glass Scientists’ excerpt

‘Glass Scientists’ by S. H. Cotugno released on October 3, 2023

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