‘Nancy Drew’ season 4, episode 4 review: Movie-ing right along

In Nancy Drew season 4, episode 4, we watched as Nancy tried to push forward after Ace’s brutal news, and a movie sets up shop in Horseshoe Bay.

We learn new things about Horseshoe Bay every season, and season 4 has introduced us to Longhook, the classic slasher movie that shot in Horseshoe Bay back in the day, and, of course, ended in a murder. It brought us the return of Lacey, last seen in that season 3 episode where the Drew Crew took a trip to DetectiveCon. This time, Lacey is literally running the show, as she directs a remake of the classic horror film. And, as is always the case in Horseshoe Bay, supernatural hijinks ensue.

If you need a little refresher before this week’s episode, read on for all the details from Nancy Drew season 4, episode 4.

The Ace-shaped whole in ‘Nancy Drew’ season 4, episode 4

With Nancy in mourning and Ace trying to give her space, it was predictable that we wouldn’t see as much of Ace in Nancy Drew season 4, episode 4, but I forgot how much I have come to love his presence and place in the Drew Crew. Not just as Nancy’s paramour, but as a valued member of the team with skills and a willingness to go the whole nine yards to solve a case and/or save the day.

The few glimpses we do get of Ace show that he’s not enjoying being apart from everyone either, even if he does love his job at the morgue. Hopefully we can put this awkwardness behind us and get our favorite hacker back to his normal amount of screen time.

As expected, there was no progress on the curse-breaking, since Ace has decided it’s not worth the risk, and just about any solution is going to require his cooperation. We don’t know how long, but I choose to believe a solution will come along sooner or later that will save our cursed ship before the end.

George and Nick stay focused on the water supply

With Nancy trying to solve the movie-set mystery and survive the separation from Ace, that leaves George and Nick to continue their work on the water supply. With no other citizens seeming to have been affected by the sludge water, they let things slide a bit, but when the town council leader stands both them up for scheduled meetings, George and Nick get back into action.

The water mystery overlaps with the movie-set mystery this week, however, because the spirit haunting the set is basically only present because Brie drank water from the town’s supply.  Her sudden memory of letting the director die makes her the second townsperson to recall a crime from their past they previously had no recollection of. And, just like Nancy became bro-Nancy, the stunt crew, who had also drunk the tainted water, duplicated the pranks that Brie and her crew had pulled on the original director.

Brie was responsible for the director’s death. She may not have personally laid hands on him, but she stood there and watched as he drowned, perfectly able to help, but unwilling to save his life. This makes her the second significant Horseshoe Bay official (Judge Abbott being the first) to have some seriously dark history. I’m glad Brie won’t be around any longer to lord her power over George and Nick, but who knows what the new leader of the town council will think about the supernatural.

Bess’ big break

Bess took a backseat this week, even if she had, like, 10 times Ace’s screen time. She won herself a role in Longhook, which put her centerstage in the movie-set mystery, but her storyline with the historical society only made minimal advancements.

Because the sheriff found herself present on set to check out safe working conditions amidst complaints, she saw supernatural paraphernalia, including a chalk circle, and made a formal pronouncement to Bess about the role she believes the supernatural to play in Horseshoe Bay. Which is to say, none. She’s not banning supernatural rituals and the like behind closed doors, but she has effectively banned all public displays of supernatural activity. This is definitely bound to be a problem later on.

The return of Lacey

Thank goodness the Drew Crew was around to save Director Lacey after a nasty stabbing, even if it cost the only working supernatural stomach pump. The return of show’s most popular podcaster was a surprise, but a happy one. Seeing her and Nancy bond over their grief (Lacey’s for her grandmother, Nancy’s for a lost love) was touching. These two don’t exactly have similar paths, but they are both intrepid, curious people, looking for answers and adventure in their lives.

And that pretty much wraps up all the important stuff from Nancy Drew season 4, episode 4. Hopefully, the new episode this week will bring Ace and Nancy back together (if even just as friends), and will provide some more definitive answers as to what exactly is going on with this sludge-water stuff.

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