‘Nancy Drew’ season 4, episode 5 review: Everybody take a big step forward, please

Nancy Drew season 4, episode 5 is all about steps forward. The un-reanimated corpses mystery takes one, and so does George, and, well, the town. Nancy and Ace’s step might be a little more sideways, but it’s still a step.

When we left the Drew Crew at the end of episode 4, Ace and Bess were discussing how Brie’s dad and Judge Abbott were linked and what that could mean for The Black Door secret that’s quickly become a top priority  to figure out. This episode begins with our intrepid investigators looking closely at the eight people behind the un-reanimated corpses, then taking a field trip to that place in the woods where they collapsed to see what they could find as far as clues go.

This episode is chock full of people making an effort, even if it doesn’t all get anywhere. Let’s break that down by character or entity.

Nancy Drew season 4 episode 5

The reservoir runs red

There’s only one way to guarantee the town won’t be infected by the black sludge water, and thats to turn the town against the officials that won’t get it tested on account of the tsunami. George and Nick have been working hard to rid the town of the threat both Judge Abbott and Brie have been affected by, as well as all those innocents that end up replaying some scary moments from the past. Until this episode, they haven’t had much luck.

Nick is nothing if not resourceful. When his pie bribe didn’t have the effect he hoped, reaching out to Ace for an idea turned out to be quite inspired. Thanks to a Seder decoration of the past, Ace and Nick come up with a top-notch plan to turn the town’s water blood-red (but not real blood, right?), as long as Bess can make the impossible possible. No biggie.

It does the trick, though. A quick ritual and a freaked out townsfolk later, the local government finally quarantines the town’s water supply and gets an emergency authorization to bring in water from a neighboring county. The residents are safe from the black sludge. At least for now.

A little less chilly

So, I’m not trying to give George any more credit than is necessary, because she definitely wouldn’t like pity or charity, but she took a pretty significant step in this episode in relation to her birth father.

I truly never believed we would see him again, but it appears the powers behind Nancy Drew season 4, episode 5 saw potential for growth. In order to get some dental insight after Nancy’s discovery of the occult symbols on the un-reanimated corpse teeth, George’s birth father is summoned, and he could not be more excited to take time away from work to help.

But his insight into the teeth Nancy found is the bare minimum. He does lead them to a room of oddities at a nearby university which leads Nancy to Cadfan’s Roundel. And a million more questions, but more on that later. Edwin and George make some serious progress. They still have a long way to go, but since George truly never planned on giving the man another minute of her life, her begrudgingly giving him a day of her life is enormous progress. And she didn’t immediately rip up the check he gave her. Major progress, for sure.

Progress is progress

Nancy Drew season 4 episode 5

Ace and Nancy took a step sideways this week. Yes, they were in each other’s presence, which is definitely a step forward from last week, but that somewhat nasty confrontation at the morgue office feels like a step back. Ace is definitely struggling. He may have been the person to call it off, but he’s missing their connection something fierce. It doesn’t help that he’s kind of been the odd man out, stuck all by himself working at the morgue while Nancy has been out and about, seeing the rest of the Drew Crew and everything.

You just can’t help but feel for both of them. Ace is trying to save them both, while Nancy is stuck, believing that they can still fight, but without the partner she needs to keep battling. I call it progress, though, because at least they’re talking and capable of being in the same room, which is much more than last week. Hopefully something emerges in the next week or two that will get these two crazy kids back in each other’s orbit without the fear of death this time.

His place in this world

Ryan Hudson has a small, but vital role in this episode, and it came as a bit of a surprise. Not only has he been busy when not a part of the A or B plot storylines, but he’s been finding his place in this world. It seems that he is uniquely qualified to the role of relic hunter. It makes sense, since wheeling and dealing is the heart and soul of trading unique supernatural and cultural artifacts. Hopefully he finds a way to keep close to the legal line.

It does allow him to help Nancy financially, as she is still struggling, since solving the un-reanimated corpses mystery doesn’t exactly pay the bills. I love that Ryan is stepping up, even in the shadows. He knows that being present for movie night and supporting Nancy is the best way to keep connected. I am loving their relationship this season, and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for this father-daughter pair.

And most valuable player goes to…

Bess Marvin. We didn’t see her plot line with the historical society move much in Nancy Drew season 4, episode 5, but she was instrumental in just about everything else. She facilitated getting the water turned red, she threw the singles-night fundraiser to help George, which also gave Ryan a chance to get his hands on the Roundel. She encouraged everyone to keep looking for love, she supported all of her friends through their struggles. Bess has become the best friend this group could ever ask for. Hopefully they will all be there for her when she needs it. And since she’s likely going to have to go up against the entirety of the Horseshoe Bay governance, she’s going to need it.

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