Episode #21 – Kind of a Big Deal

Welcome to Prophecy Radio, a Percy Jackson podcast dedicated to all of Rick Riordan’s past, present, and future projects! Co-hosts Karen Rought and Kristen Kranz discuss the latest news in the Percy Jackson/Rick Riordan Presents fandom, then return with their second Monster Guide—this time on the infamous Minotaur, as well as analyze chapters 19 and 20 of Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters, wrapping up their reread of the book. New episodes of Prophecy Radio will air weekly, and all ages are welcome to tune in.

News and Updates (00:01:24)

  • Kristen is full of strange noises.
  • Remember, when there are official PJOTV social media pages, Rick and Becky will tell us.
  • Victo Ngai has been sharing their progress sketches for the new Percy Jackson and the Olympians covers.
  • They would make fantastic phone backgrounds!
  • If you’re looking for some good YA retellings of Greek mythology, check out these suggestions from Book Riot.
  • Let’s dive into the February 23 blog update!
  • Karen doesn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up for major news, but it’s exciting nonetheless.
  • Rick and Becky went on a trip to L.A. and Vancouver!
  • Okay, in-person chemistry reads are kind of a big deal. We’re getting close!
  • Rick must have gotten VERY good at multi-tasking over the years.
  • Vancouver looks amazing, and we want to go.
  • Even pictures of a concrete floor are exciting.
  • Maybe it’s time to go back through the Lightning Thief illustrated edition.
  • Maybe this will inspire a Sea of Monsters illustrated edition in time for season 2?
  • We get a live reaction of Kristen discovering Dan Hennah from Lord of the Rings is working on the show.
  • Oh, yeah, this is a Disney show.
  • Shout-out to the true MVP, Chili Dog.
  • Filming is set to begin in THREE MONTHS.

Monster Guide: The Minotaur (00:25:41)

  • We’re quite familiar with the Minotaur since we just read about him in Lightning Thief.
  • Did you know the Minotaur had a human name?
  • Most versions of the Minotaur don’t match the description we get from Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes and that might be for the best.
  • Are we old? Does Gen Z know about Wishbone?
  • There are a lot of things wrong with the myth of the Minotaur, not least of which is the girl on girl crime.
  • Why did Daedalus get involved in all of this?
  • Did this myth inspire The Hunger Games?
  • Instalove for the win! No, really, it saved Theseus’ life.
  • Do we feel bad for the Minotaur?
  • How many times does the Minotaur show up in Percy Jackson and the Olympians?
  • It’s interesting how the Minotaur and Percy have a common thread in Poseidon.
  • Do you like these Monster Guides? We’re having a lot of fun doing them.

Chapter Reviews (00:44:45)

  • We’re finishing up Sea of Monsters this week, starting with chapter 19.
  • Kristen’s recaps are not so brief.
  • So, the Golden Fleece works.
  • What kind of monster would be good at guarding the Fleece?
  • Are Clarisse and Percy…friends?
  • We’re trying not to make Harry Potter references every week. And failing.
  • What’s going on with Percy’s address?
  • We can be disappointed in Poseidon if we want to!
  • Is a letter really the best way for Poseidon to communicate with his son?
  • We finally learn about Tyson’s childhood.
  • Both Annabeth and Percy went on a journey with their feelings about Cyclopes.
  • Fictional characters should be able to make mistakes and be flawed.
  • Tyson really is the best.
  • Okay, let’s do this! Sea of Monsters chapter 20.
  • Grover is really sticking it to the Council.
  • Thank the gods for Sally. She really is the best mom.
  • Everyone loves Tyson, and therefore, everything is right in the world.
  • Once again, grateful we read “The Diary of Luke Castellan” recently.
  • Prophecy Count: 12
  • Chiron totally left Grover in the dust.
  • How much did Luke know about the plan to bring Thalia back?
  • The back of Karen’s copy of Sea of Monsters is a walk down memory lane—for better or worse!

Thanks for listening, and be sure to tune in next time for episode 22, where we’ll review the Sea of Monsters movie.

This episode’s hosts are: Karen Rought and Kristen Kranz.

Each episode, our Prophecy Radio hosts and their guests will keep you up to date on the latest information coming out of Camp Half-Blood, including upcoming books and adaptation news, discuss a topic of choice, and do a chapter by chapter reread of the Percy Jackson series.

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