Episode #55 – That’s So Procrustean

Prophecy Radio episode #55 does another Monster Guide—this time on Procrustes, aka “The Stretcher,” who had a brief cameo in The Lightning Thief. The hosts tackle all the latest news in the Riordanverse, including a pre-Halloween blog post from Rick Riordan himself, as well as a reread and discussion of Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian chapter 9. New episodes of Prophecy Radio air weekly, and all ages are welcome to tune in.

News and Updates (00:03:59)

  • Read Riordan posted several articles, like this one about seven terrifying monsters from the Rick Riordan Presents imprint.
  • And in case you were wondering, they also wrote about what the gods and demigods have planned for Halloween.
  • Roseanne A. Brown also gave Rick Riordan some advice on hunting vampires.
  • Did you see the Entertainment Weekly interview with Rick and the trio?
  • We loved the story about Aryan walking like a goat!
  • Let’s talk about Rick’s October 28 blog post.
  • The real-time commentary while Rick was on set was pretty cool.
  • It’s so interesting to hear all the details of production.
  • And it’s exciting that they’re looking to the end of the season now!
  • How surprising is it that one episode could take a month or longer to finalize!?
  • Rick also talks about his other film projects, including The Red Pyramid, Daughter of the Deep, and his pitch for “My Life as a Child Outlaw.”
  • We’re really excited about the potential for that last one because they could do so many things with it!
  • In terms of writing projects, you gotta start with Chalice of the Gods.
  • How cool would it be for Walker to be one of the beta readers!?
  • Did you see what everyone dressed up as for Halloween?

Monster Guide: Procrustes (00:17:31)

  • The Procrustes myth is pretty straight forward, and if you remember what happened in the Lightning Thief, then you already know the important parts.
  • But let’s talk about the Ancient Greek myth anyway.
  • What do you call an old-time hotel?
  • If your host looks like he’s out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, maybe turn around and find somewhere else to sleep for the night.
  • Thankfully, Theseus was smart and chose the 10-foot bed after tricking Procrustes into the other one.
  • This myth was pretty short, so we decided to find some fun facts.
  • Maybe this story was based on a local serial killer?
  • Make sure you add the word procrustean to your vocabulary!
  • Isn’t it interesting that Thomas Jefferson used this as an argument for religious freedom?
  • We hate math, but for those who don’t, you might also want to learn the term procrustean.
  • And if you’re not a fan of spiders, don’t look up the genus Damastes.
  • Did you know Procrustes was also supposed to show up in the Lightning Thief movie!?
  • At least there’s a high chance we’ll see Procrustes this time around.
  • Procrustes is not a clown, but you can picture him that way if you want to.
  • All we want is for them to keep Crusty’s fashion sense in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians TV show.
  • A six-foot bed isn’t that out of the ordinary, is it?

Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian (00:30:43)

  • This week, we’re discussing The Last Olympian chapter 9.
  • We’re only about halfway through the book, but this already feels like the climax of the story. There’s so much left!
  • We really miss Annabeth! She’s hardly been in the book so far.
  • Daedalus’ laptop probably has special protections, right?
  • Why didn’t Chiron want to go to Mount Olympus?
  • How much do we blame Clarisse for not showing up when Percy called the campers to action?
  • Was Percy’s moment to shine as the leader of the campers rushed? And was that on purpose?
  • The Empire State Building security guard really tries to stay up on all the latest books, doesn’t he?
  • What might he be reading in Chalice of the Gods?
  • Could all those campers really fit inside the elevator in the Empire State Building?
  • Who’s responsible for choosing the elevator music?
  • Prophecy Count #26!
  • What was so important about this particular vision/flashback?
  • It’s hard not to feel bad for Annabeth and what she’s going through now that Luke has sided with Kronos.
  • The Hermes we meet in Sea of Monsters feels so different from the one we see in Last Olympian.
  • Forty demigods defending all of Manhattan? Yeah, sure, why not.
  • Okay, Plan 23 must be risky.
  • More vague advice from the gods? Must be a day ending in ‘y’!
  • Morpheus is back, baby! It’s invasion time.

Feedback (01:04:23)

  • Henry writes in to suggest the dog Rick was talking about meeting could be Cerberus.
  • We all still want Luke to have Egyptian blood, but it’s just not meant to be.

Thanks for listening, and tune in next time for episode 56, which is a complete mystery to everyone, including your intrepid hosts.

This episode’s hosts are: Karen Rought and Kristen Kranz.

Each episode, our Prophecy Radio hosts and their guests will keep you up to date on the latest information coming out of Camp Half-Blood, including upcoming books and adaptation news, discuss a topic of choice, and do a chapter by chapter reread of the Percy Jackson series.

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