Episode #61 – Lukrysalis

Prophecy Radio episode #61 offers up some gift ideas if you have a godly parent and have no idea what to get them this holiday season! Who was the hardest to shop for, and who would be happy just to spend some quality time with their family? We also talk about all the latest news in the Riordanverse, which includes taking a quiz that tells us which Rick Riordan Presents villain we are, as well as reread and discuss Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian chapter 15. New episodes of Prophecy Radio air weekly, and all ages are welcome to tune in.

News and Updates (00:02:06)

Gifts worthy of the gods (00:29:43)

  • We decided to come up with some gifts worthy of the gods, whether they deserved it or not!
  • Kristen had trouble coming up for a gift for Zeus, but honestly, he would love what she landed on.
  • Karen really wanted to get him a lame tie, but she found something a little better.
  • Hera’s gifts came a lot easier, and Kristen’s idea was GENIUS.
  • Both of our presents are centered around her relationship with Zeus, but in two VERY different ways.
  • Poseidon was kind of a big deal, and we really wanted to do something special for him.
  • Gotta feed the ego of a god, you know?
  • When it comes to Hades, the best thing to do is appeal to his hardworking nature.
  • Like, would he even enjoy going on vacation??
  • Kristen’s gift for Athena is clever AND practical.
  • Karen also wanted to get her something practical, but with a little extra sparkle.
  • Does Ares’ gift from Kristen actually work better for…Hermes?
  • Whatever gift you get Ares, it has to include violence. And meat.
  • This week’s chapter inspired Kristen’s gift for Dionysus.
  • Meanwhile, Karen is wracking up some serious debt to get on Mr. D’s good side.
  • When it comes to Apollo, it’s a good idea to feed into his vanity.
  • Karen takes some inspiration from the Hermes myth for her idea.
  • If you’re gonna get something solar-powered for Apollo, you gotta go with a moon present for Artemis.
  • Meanwhile, Karen really wants her to take a day off from all that hunting.
  • Hephaestus doesn’t need any junk. Keep it simple. And symbolic.
  • But he’d probably also like something complicated that engages his mind.
  • Kristen’s idea for Aphrodite is actually really clever, and she has a fantastic reason for giving it to her.
  • Meanwhile, Karen wants to gift her something that’ll allow her to see the latest and greatest fashions.
  • What to get for Demeter? It’s corn! It has the juice!
  • Karen goes above and beyond for Demeter, and she wracks up even more debt to do it.
  • While Kristen didn’t gift Hermes any Redbull, she did think of another beverage he might enjoy.
  • But we all know what he would really like—a way to trap and embarrass Zeus.
  • Hestia might be the easiest god to please with a gift for the holidays. Kristen wants to make sure she stays nice and toasty.
  • And Karen wants to give her the gift of spending time with her family.

Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian (00:59:23)

  • It’s time to talk about The Last Olympian chapter 15.
  • This chapter was a little lighter than last week’s.
  • We appreciate that this battle wasn’t over right away.
  • What would you do if you were invincible?
  • Did anyone else cry when the Party Ponies arrived?
  • It’s nice that Annabeth and Percy finally had a heart-to-heart.
  • This was a really nice Annabeth moment after not seeing her much in this book.
  • But this scene really made us worry about her future!
  • We’re totally counting this as Prophecy Count #30.
  • But what is a prophecy, exactly?
  • It’s always Party Time with the Party Ponies!
  • Dionysus TOTALLY meant to call Percy into this little vision chat.
  • We discuss the idea that Western Civilization will fall if the gods are defeated. Is this a fair assessment, given how global and interdependent our culture is these days?
  • What came first, the chicken or the Greek god?
  • Okay, Karen has come up with a better nickname for Lukronos. All in favor??
  • Are any of the other gods worried about their demigod children?
  • That scene where Percy discovers Paul’s car with his parents inside is going to be rough to watch on screen.
  • Okay, Prometheus is definitely as manipulative as everyone said he was.
  • What do we think of Rachel and Annabeth’s rivalry?

Feedback (01:39:12)

  • Caoimhe gave us an EXCELLENT idea for another episode.
  • Monster Donut Podcast also did an episode on pit scorpions!
  • Ian also discovered Percy Jackson because of the films, just like Sarah from last week!
  • P.S. Stick around for the bloopers!

Thanks for listening, and tune in next time for episode 62, where we’ll do a Deep Dive on Chiron!

This episode’s hosts are: Karen Rought and Kristen Kranz.

Each episode, our Prophecy Radio hosts and their guests will keep you up to date on the latest information coming out of Camp Half-Blood, including upcoming books and adaptation news, discuss a topic of choice, and do a chapter by chapter reread of the Percy Jackson series.

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