Episode #64 – New World Chaos

Prophecy Radio episode #64 takes a look ahead at all the projects we know are coming up in 2023, as well as our goals for the year as a podcast! This week, we’re skipping the news since we’re recording ahead of time, and we’ll catch up on that in a couple weeks. But don’t worry! We’re still going to reread and discuss Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian chapter 18. New episodes of Prophecy Radio air weekly, and all ages are welcome to tune in.

Looking ahead to 2023 (00:02:07)

  • On January 10, The Sword of Hades will be re-released with a The Sun and the Star sneak peek. Are you going to pre-order it?
  • One of the biggest books to come out this year will be The Sun and the Star: A Nico di Angelo Adventure by Rick Riordan and Mark Oshiro, which will release on May 2.
  • Here’s everything we know about The Sun and the Star so far.
  • We speculate what we might get when we read Chalice of the Gods, which comes out on September 26.
  • And let’s not forget the Rick Riordan Presents imprint! What books can we look forward to in 2023?
  • First up on the list is Winston Chu vs. the Whimsies by Stacey Lee, who will be releasing her first book under RRP.
  • We loved Ballad & Dagger, so it should come as no surprise that Last Canto of the Dead by Daniel José Older is at the top of our lists for 2023.
  • Next up, we have The Last Fallen Realm by Graci Kim, which will wrap up the Gifted Clans series.
  • Roshani Chokshi is writing another book for RRP, this time about Filipino mythology!
  • Obviously we can’t wait for the second book in the Serwa Boateng series by Roseanne A. Brown. And maybe it won’t be the last!
  • We really need to read City of the Plague God by Sarwat Chadda…if only so we can read Fury of the Dragon Goddess.
  • This fall, we can also expect Pahua and the Dragon’s Secret by Lori M. Lee to hit store shelves.
  • Moko Magic by Tracey Baptiste also promises to be great, and we wonder if there will be any similarities to Ballad & Dagger.
  • And even though we haven’t covered the books yet on the podcast, we’re excited for the next book in the Shadow Bruja series by J.C. Cervantes.
  • Many of the Rick Riordan Presents authors have OTHER books coming out outside of the imprint. Which ones are we most looking forward to?
  • First up, Roshani Chokshi gives us a Valentine’s Day treat with The Last Tale of the Flower Bride.
  • And then there’s Tehlor Kay Mejia’s Lucha of the Night Forest, out on March 21.
  • And then there’s Into the Light by Mark Oshiro, which has mushrooms on the cover, so you know it’s going to be cool.
  • What announcements for Percy Jackson and the Olympians do we think we’ll get in 2023?
  • They have to tell us who Zeus and Poseidon are eventually, right??
  • Could we get a trailer by the end of the year?
  • Will Percy Jackson attend SDCC? Will they be at D23 again?
  • What if they did monster reveals!?
  • Make sure you check out Aryan’s show on Paramount+, Adventures in Wonder Park.
  • When could we expect a season 2 greenlight?
  • As far as the Red Pyramid film coming to Netflix, we can probably expect the script to be finished.
  • But we know it’s not coming out in 2023, so we need to be patient!
  • What about a director? Or any casting announcements?
  • What’s Prophecy Radio hoping to accomplish next year?
  • We want to bring as many exclusives to you as we possibly can!
  • But we’re super excited to start The Kane Chronicles.

Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian (00:54:52)

  • We’re talking about The Last Olympian chapter 18.
  • How can Clarisse survive being turned into a block of ice?
  • Chiron standing in between Kronos and Mount Olympus is pretty badass.
  • Annabeth gave it a good old college try, but it just wasn’t enough.
  • How could you not LOVE AND RESPECT Nico di Angelo until the ends of the Earth after this scene??
  • Seeing Demeter and Persephone in action was pretty cool.
  • And speaking of badasses—Paul and Sally can totally handle their own!
  • Why does Ethan Nakamura have such a place of honor amongst Kronos’ army?
  • We need more fanart from the Battle of Manhattan!

Feedback (01:19:49)

  • A positive guy says he’s really looking forward to Serwa Boateng’s Guide to Witchcraft and Mayhem and Fury of the Dragon Goddess.
  • Meanwhile, Phoebe’s got her heart set on The Sun and the Star.

Thanks for listening, and tune in next time for episode 65, where we’ll discuss the Lightning Thief illustrated edition, as well as the graphic novel!

This episode’s hosts are: Karen Rought and Kristen Kranz.

Each episode, our Prophecy Radio hosts and their guests will keep you up to date on the latest information coming out of Camp Half-Blood, including upcoming books and adaptation news, discuss a topic of choice, and do a chapter by chapter reread of the Percy Jackson series.

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