Episode #92 – …Or Die

Prophecy Radio episode #92 catches you up on all the latest Rick Riordan news, from upcoming Rick Riordan Presents books like Fury of the Dragon Goddess to the current WGA/SAG-AFTRA strikes and what they mean for the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series on Disney+. This week, we’re also talking about The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid by tackling chapter 16, in which Zia embraces the singed-eyebrow look. New episodes of Prophecy Radio air weekly, and we keep our discussions PG-13.

News and Updates (00:06:26)

Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid discussion (01:08:50)

  • This week, we’re reading The Red Pyramid chapter 16.
  • Put us down for not wanting to be woken up the way Zia wakes Sadie.
  • Why didn’t Carter sleep well?
  • How do we get some bottled Thoth Water?
  • That tongue tattoo was pretty cool.
  • Either do what Zia tells you to…or die.
  • What are the magicians’ specialties and which can we unanimously agree is a no-go for us?
  • There are some really great moments while Carter and Sadie learn to bring hierglyphs to life with magic.
  • We’re so happy we learned about Luxor/Thebes in our last episode.
  • How strong is Zia, exactly?
  • It’s time to duel, and it definitely does not go according to plan.
  • We learn a little bit more about the Kanes’ familial background.
  • Iskandar is dead, and even though we saw this coming, it’s still sad.
  • It also spells major trouble for the Kanes.
  • Zia’s willing to give them a five-minute head start, and that’s about as good as it’s going to get.

Feedback (01:28:42)

  • Tim writes in with a little What If… for The Last Olympian.
  • Caoimhe also catches us up on her reactions to the last few episodes and gives us a great idea for a future one.
  • It seems Bobbi is as big of a fan of Hapshetsut as we are.

Thanks for listening, and tune in next time for episode 93, in which we’ll discuss City of the Plague God by Sarwat Chadda, and then read The Red Pyramid chapter 17!

This episode’s hosts are: Karen Rought and Kristen Kranz.

Each episode, our Prophecy Radio hosts and their guests will keep you up to date on the latest information coming out of Camp Half-Blood, including upcoming books and adaptation news, discuss a topic of choice, and do a chapter by chapter reread of the Percy Jackson series.

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