Episode #344 – ‘The Matrix Reloaded’ – Sex Church

ReWatchable’s journey into the Wachowskis’ Matrix trilogy continues with The Matrix Reloaded. Our hosts unpack a highly philosophical sequel that leans heavily on action sequences, sex, and monologues providing very few breadcrumbs for our hero Neo to follow on his journey. Is what the Architect reveals enough to leave us wanting more? Join us as we try to keep our attention focused on what it all means.

Fun Facts

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  • Brittany recently rewatched Yuri on Ice!!! twice and has been singing “Theme of King JJ” on a loop ever since. 
  • Kendra was the one person in the world to go into Eternals not spoiled for the end credit scene. 
  • Karen is having dreams about Natalie making pies for the stars of Ted Lasso
  • And speaking of Ted Lasso, Natalie shares a fun fact not about herself but about a third tier English football team. Will this make Brittany watch Ted Lasso? Stay tuned.

The Matrix Reloaded

  • Was the Matrix always intended to be a trilogy?
  • Would one Matrix movie have been enough? 
  • This isn’t the sequel we’re looking for, but it’s the one we have
  • Six degrees of How I Met Your Mother
  • How much action is too much action?
  • Pick your first action in the Matrix and your outfit!
  • Zion is not a flashback to serve as Morpheus’ backstory, but rather a real, very big place for humanity!
  • Morpheus is not loved by Lock, but he is a headliner of Zion Coachella 
  • We get a slice of life: Morpheus’ influence, Neo’s reception, Link’s tie to the mission, and also Gina Torres is there
  • However, it quickly dissolved into 36 hours of leave sex and a giant rave
  • Can we trust the old White guy? Apparently we can!
  • Neo can’t seem to grasp the bigger picture here
  • The spoon didn’t do much for us here
  • Seraph has a nice short scene that has a purpose and progresses the plot!
  • The Oracle gives us a lot of insight in a very short amount of time and there are a lot of rebel programs that are existing in the major network
  • Persephone we have your back 100% if you just want to stab Merovingian.
  • Time to play a round of: Do you really have autonomy or not?
  • The fight scene that lasted 1000 years
  • At least the Keymaker is adorable and gets to have a heist scene moment
  • We meet the Architect who seems a bit annoyed that Neo actually has a choice in this programming and that he has to wait to let it play out
  • What exactly happens to Trinity?
  • Neo fights the machines with his mind and we get a cliffhanger!
  • But before we go, what did we think of the romance?
  • Favorite Scenes
  • Favorite Lines

This episode’s superfans are: Karen Rought and Natalie Fisher.
This episode’s newbies are: Brittany Lovely and (kind of) Kendra Cleary.

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