riverdale season 6 episode 12

‘Riverdale’ season 6, episode 12 review: 1,384 ways to die in the East

Things got cozy in Riverdale season 6, episode 12, as both fog and romance enveloped the town.

Riverdale season 6, episode 12 featured a dense fog, just like the “great fog of 1922,” rolling into the town and causing everything to shut down. By the end of the episode, the fog had cleared, Percival and Alice had been successful in their endeavor to make Percival the town’s mayor, and a lot of the Riverdale relationships were changed forever.

When the credits rolled, I really found myself wondering, what was the point of all that fog? Surely Percival could have weaseled his way into the mayoral position without it given all of the support he’s garnered. And then I realized, while the fog was getting heavy outside, everyone was getting hot and heavy inside. That was the point.

It was nice to spend an entire episode of Riverdale season 6 focusing on relationships. So many of the couples in play right now were just thrown together between seasons, so we haven’t gotten a ton of time to see any of them grow. Riverdale season 6, episode 12 moved some storylines forward that had been crawling at a snail’s pace for a while now, so I’m excited to see how things pick up in the next episode.

I think we can all say that the most surprising hook up in the episode was the one between Kevin and Moose! Honestly, I’m still trying to put together the pieces of these scenes. While Riverdale High isn’t exactly the most romantic setting, the honeymoon suite-worthy candle display certainly helped, and it brought things all the way back to the beginning for them. Moose and Kevin didn’t end on a great note in high school, so it was adorable that they got to give it another shot, even if it was just for the sake of closure. That being said, I’d be even more thrilled if they continued to develop from here!

Whether it was the rekindled romance with Moose, the ominous Gargoyle King dream, or Toni’s reminder about people in glass houses throwing stones, Kevin had an overdue change of heart regarding baby Anthony’s future. While he was once certain that two serpents could not make suitable parents, he now wants to pursue a joint custody agreement. Unfortunately, Fangs also had a change of heart.

Given the world Fangs grew up in, it’s actually understandable that he wants his family to be able to defend themselves, and it’s really sad that he’s still living with that feeling. However, violence is never the answer, and I hope Toni can convince him there’s a better path for themselves and baby Anthony. Otherwise, I fear Fangs might get himself into big trouble.

From the most surprising hookup to the least, Betty and Archie also experienced some fog-induced intimacy, both physically and emotionally. This is probably the most I’ve liked Betty and Archie in Riverdale season 6. I liked that Betty was able to open up to him about the TBK and that Archie was completely non-judgmental, and I thought it was adorable that they were so hopeful about starting a family together. I’m guessing they’ll be heading for some ups and downs no matter what that pregnancy test says (remember what happened last time Betty got pregnant?), but it was nice to have this moment.

Reggie and Ronnie were not so hopeful in Riverdale season 6, episode 12. After one final round of strip poker, the pair seem to have called it quits. Most of this break up sounded like a laundry list of Reggie’s insecurities that he hasn’t dealt with, such as Veronica’s feelings for Archie, which are alive and well according to this conversation, his trauma from the relationship of his parents, and the fact that he’s never really felt like he was good enough for Veronica.

Of course, some of Veronica’s baggage was also uncovered in Riverdale season 6, episode 12. While I hate this pervasive narrative that Veronica is a bad person, the fact that, given her ancestry, she feels like she has that capacity, does make sense. Just like it makes sense for Betty to wonder about her own darkness. I think these two were correct in that their relationship was about leaning in to the parts they like least about themselves, which is not really something you want to grow.

Cheryl didn’t exactly get romance in this episode, but she did receive a weird form of love. Like Hiram, Penelope isn’t someone I could ever really forgive or take seriously as a character, so I certainly wouldn’t say I feel for her after this episode, but I love that Cheryl realized Heather felt the same way she did. She has known so little love in her life, and she definitely deserves every drop of it she can get.

Finally, Jabitha was holed up in Pop’s, worrying about all kinds of things that were far less important than the words Tabitha was waiting to utter for the entire episode. I was wrong, the Riverdale characters aren’t the X-men, they’re the Avengers! And yes, I know these groups often overlap. Don’t @ me.

Much like Doctor Strange, but probably in a far more time-consuming way, Tabitha went backwards and forwards in time to determine that Percival wins in 1,384 potential scenarios, and he only loses in two. Unfortunately, in those two winning scenarios, Jughead dies.

Is Riverdale really going to go for a huge season 6 casualty? But Jughead still has so much to accomplish! Since they’ve broken the news this early, my guess is that they will either find a loophole, or that someone else will actually die in Jughead’s place. Even though I definitely don’t want to lose anyone, I’m absolutely dying to find out what happens!