riverdale season 6 episode 7 review

‘Riverdale’ season 6, episode 7 review: Someone needs to get Bingo a treat

Riverdale season 6, episode 7 saw the rise of a new hero, and the fall of the ultimate villain.

Just kidding, I definitely still don’t believe that Hiram is dead, but I think we all can agree that Bingo was a very, very good boy in Riverdale season 6, episode 7! If there was ever something that could bring all Riverdale fans together, it would have to be that little furry protector.

Even though the supernatural elements remain, Riverdale felt more like itself than it has in a while in this episode. After five episodes of Rivervale madness and last week’s strange super procedural vibes, it was kind of nice to settle back in for a regular episode of Riverdale. Even if there were super powers and ancestral possessions involved.

Three of the show’s main ingredients have always been romance, serial killers, and Hiram Lodge, and this episode had plenty of all three! It feels like they’re finally laying a solid foundation for the rest of the season with Riverdale season 6, episode 7, so let’s get in to it!

One of the main storylines in this episode was the “death” of Hiram Lodge. This event was traumatic for Veronica for a large number of reasons, not the least of which being that she was also almost killed at the request of Hermosa.

My heart absolutely shattered for Veronica in this episode. Not just because of what she went through, but because she was so thoroughly unsupported through the whole ordeal. Although she was surrounded by people, none of them were truly there for her, and most of them actually added to the weight she was carrying.

I really wanted an epic reunion between Hermione and Veronica leading up to Hiram’s funeral, but I was pretty disappointed by what we actually got. Hermione seemed to only care about the cameras when they were present, and while I loved how she accepted Veronica’s bounty and admitted that her happiest time was when it was just the two of them, I hated that the conversation somehow ended with Veronica feeling like she had been a bad daughter! In what world is that the takeaway here?

Admittedly, I’ve never been confronted with the news of my lover having killed their parent, but I’d like to think I’d react better than Reggie did upon hearing Veronica’s confession. After all of the terrible decisions he’s made, his first instinct was still to judge Veronica. She so desperately needed someone to embrace her, and instead he pulled back.

I do give Reggie credit for coming around in the end. It was a really nice moment between Reggie and Veronica when he put his judgement aside. However, I have to think if he and Veronica had a stronger foundation, his first instinct would have at least resembled loving her. Of course, I have to wonder how Archie would have reacted to this news, and even though he’s the show’s pure-hearted knight, I really do think he would have understood.

Veronica’s eulogy was very well done, and gave credit to all of the complexities of her relationship with her “daddykins.” Camila Mendes did a perfect job portraying Veronica as a young woman who couldn’t possibly know what to feel in such a moment. Veronica had such a weight on her in Riverdale season 6, episode 7 that I doubt will soon be lifted, unfortunately.

Not to be bested by his own eulogy, Hiram got the last goodbye. Somehow he recorded a message for Veronica before dying, leaving her his rum business and expressing his pride in her. Maybe I’m heartless, but all of this did absolutely nothing for me. I’m happy that Veronica got this farewell, but for Hiram to say “everything was for you” is the most grotesque manipulation of events I’ve ever heard. It’s nice that you think that, Hiram. We’ll see you when we see you. R.I.P. to whoever’s burned body was actually in that shallow grave.

The new super squad got a new member in Riverdale season 6, episode 7 now that Jughead has developed a whole new type of hearing. While he’s deaf to the external world, he’s now privy to the internal thoughts of those around them. He’s only heard Tabitha’s thoughts so far, but I have to imagine these powers will extend to others as well.

I’m already dreaming of the ramifications of this. What secret thoughts are we going to get to hear through Jughead? Again, my mind can’t help but wander over to Betty, and what Jughead might hear her thinking. Especially since she’s been leaving him messages to check in while Archie apparently could not care less about what his best friend is going through.

Refreshingly, Betty and Archie actually did have some fun with their new powers in Riverdale season 6, episode 7! That is, before the TBK somehow bested them both. You’d think they’d be a little more careful when conversing about their literal super powers. They led the TBK right to Archie’s “kryptonite,” and apparently on top of causing her intense migraines, Betty’s super serial killer vision doesn’t work unless the person actually means to cause her harm.

It’s terrifying that the TBK got so close to them this early in the season! We’re not used to dealing with this kind of close call until the mid-season finale, at the earliest. Thank god Bingo stepped in to save the day this time, but I’m very worried for what the TBK has planned next and what could possibly come from Betty’s migraines. That said, I’m also very excited to see everyone harness their powers to take a serial killer down!

Finally, there are the Blossoms, who are in a world all their own in Riverdale season 6, episode 7. Cheryl’s body is still in the control of Abigail, although judging by that mirror scene, her soul may not be as “dissipated into the ether” as Nana Rose thinks. If we know our girl, she will not be tamed for long.

Cheryl’s determination isn’t the only thing Nana Rose underestimated. Centuries later, Abigail’s flame for Thomasina still burns hot, and Choni fans everywhere are rejoicing for it. It was a bit of a shock for Abby to see Toni with Fangs, but I can’t wait to see what she cooks up to win her love back. I’m also guessing Toni will have a hand in bringing Cheryl back, since she seems to see right through Abigail already.

We’ll see if this Percival Pickens character causes any problems for the Blossoms, or anyone else in Riverdale. We know General Augustus Pickens is Riverdale’s founding father and that the Blossoms hired him to annihilate the Uktena tribe on the south side, so his family has a complicated legacy that we’re positive is going to lead to trouble in Riverdale season 6. Good thing there was none of that around already! Oh wait…