riverdale season 7 episode 11

‘Riverdale’ season 7, episode 11 review: Rocky Horror Ghost Show

It’s Halloween in Riverdale, and season 7, episode 11 definitely delivered on both tricks and treats!

It’s already 1955, so I guess we can’t get too hung up on the fact that Riverdale is claiming it’s October. Especially when they delivered such a fun Halloween episode with Riverdale season 7, episode 11!

Apparently a Riverdale Halloween involves a lot more taking masks off than putting costumes on. For a town that doesn’t allow teenagers to participate in the holiday, it sure had some enthusiastic teen participation. Maybe because that’s exactly how teens work. You tell them they can’t do something, and that’s the only thing they want to do. Just more clueless adulting in Riverdale.

If there was one Halloween where it would actually make sense to keep everyone at home, it would be the one when they had a costumed serial killer at large in the town. However, Sheriff Keller refused to reopen Mr. Rayberry’s case unless his neighbor actually saw the milkman, so they’re still not even looking for the right guy. I understand that a cat hearing the sound of milk jugs may not be enough cause for alarm, but Sheriff Keller seems a little too eager to brush this case under the rug.

Luckily, Ethel made her way through the tunnels under the Sisters of Quiet Mercy to take matters into her own hands. Ethel really took me on a journey in this episode. It was so heartbreaking to see her fear when she was still under the watchful eye of the nuns, and it was so sweet to see her joy when she was finally liberated. She jumped right back into the mystery with Jughead, and they actually got some interesting information at the Pep comics Halloween party in Riverdale season 7, episode 11.

Apparently, the guy who wrote the milkman comic hung himself, leaving a note that said he would never write a story as good as that one. If this is true, then it’s very possible this guy was also murdered by someone inspired by his comic. That being said, all of the writers Jughead spoke to were kind of sketchy, so I’m not really sure if we can believe them. Especially the guy going on and on about how the story is an allegory for America, and how “the enemy is us – wholesome, conforming, homogenous America.”

Interestingly, this seems more like an anti-Black Hood agenda than anything Clifford Blossom would come up with, but it doesn’t really help us understand what the milk man is up to. I’m so confused by this guy. What could possibly be the purpose of him lurking in the shadows of the homes of previous victims? First, he interrupted Betty and Archie’s hot and heavy haunted house session, and then he nearly did god knows what to Ethel. That is, before she got him first!

That definitely isn’t what I expected to see when Jughead opened Mr. Rayberry’s door, but I hope they find some clues on the body that help them figure something out. Even though this milk man is dead, I wouldn’t be surprised if these murders continued.

Betty and Archie will certainly be on the milkman hating train after their night that got interrupted. In the battle for Betty’s lips, Archie won out over Reggie, although we may never know what the margin was. Despite her own “will they, won’t they” scenario with Reggie, Veronica gave Betty her blessing to let the spirits of Halloween guide her love compass, or something like that, and the boys adorably decided to let the best man win, as they say.

Their whole “real Halloween for Reggie” plan was so wholesome and I really like this storyline for Betty and Archie. It’s so cute that they’re coming together as kids who can admit their fear to one another, but decide to go there together anyway because of their trust. And their horniness. We can’t forget about that in Riverdale season 7.

Veronica began Riverdale season 7, episode 11 by giving some serious Sabrina vibes in her cat costume, and she truly made magic happen for the rest of the episode. With her Babylonium ghost show, she created a fun, safe space for Cheryl, Toni, Kevin, and Clay to remove their masks and be their full, amazing selves. Also, that Rocky Horror Picture Show number was absolutely everything. Unfortunately, both Evelyn and Mrs. Cooper saw a little more than they could handle, even on Halloween, so I hope that’s not too much trouble for everyone going forward.

It was really sweet that Clay and Kevin checked up on Veronica’s well-being when they noticed she’d moved into the Babylonium. I love this little trio they’re forming. I’m sad that Veronica wasn’t able to confide in them, and I hope she’s able to let someone in and share how she’s really feeling about her family. Her final scene in Riverdale season 7, episode 11 was so tragic, and I want her to find her own family that loves her the way she deserves.

Who knows if that could include Reggie, since he answered Julian’s challenge to raise heck in Greendale and it may have landed him in Sweetwater River. Is history repeating itself with the male Blossom twin? Will Reggie and Veronica ever get to go on that date? I absolutely can’t wait to find out on the next episode of Riverdale.