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‘Riverdale’ season 7, episode 6 review: Finally putting those windows to use

In Riverdale season 7, episode 6, Archie and Betty adhered by the 6 feet rule in the most exciting way.

Riverdale has us covered for the next global pandemic, because they’ve finally solved the problem of dating in quarantine. You just have to live next door to each other and have windows that face into each other’s bedrooms! Obviously, I’m going to start the episode review here, because where else could I possibly start?

The notion of “ending up in our bedrooms at the same time and looking at each other” is about as corny as they come, but from start to finish Riverdale actually pulled it off. The adorable innocence of Betty and Archie finding creative ways to explore their sexuality was so wildly charming, and their unabashed excitement was what teenage dreams are made of.

My one note on this scene is that I kind of wish Betty had ditched the lingerie for the rendezvous and shown up more as herself. I love that Veronica and the lingerie helped her see herself as a sexual being, but I also believe she’d be more comfortable and feel even sexier in her own style. Of course, she’s still very much at the beginning of finding this side of herself, so I’m sure there will be some trial and error.

We all knew those doors were going to fly open eventually, the only question was when, and who would be on the other side when they did. Unfortunately, it went about as poorly as it could have. Both Frank and Hal stormed in just as Betty and Archie were going for the big reveal, and I fear what consequences await them for their innocent fun.

The fact that they stormed in at the same time, seemingly with some knowledge of what they would find on the other side, kind of makes it seem like they saw something from outside. If that’s the case, what were those guys doing hanging out? Brainstorming accessories for their milk man costumes for future murders, perhaps? Uncle Frank is already making himself out to be quite the villain in Riverdale season 7. What’s a few murders compared to the hell he’s putting Archie through? Fred Andrews would never!

This season has touched on the difficulties of being a young woman in the 1950s, and I’m glad it’s diving in to the pressures of being a young man also. The idea of being the man of a household and soon providing for your own family when you’re just a kid yourself is so heavy, and trying to live up to a rigid concept of masculinity is so stifling.

Frank is clearly on a power trip, but at the end of the day, getting better grades and getting a part time job isn’t that bad. However, I do worry what’s to come in the future, especially considering what Uncle Frank just walked in on.

Jughead had his own daddy issues going on in Riverdale season 7, episode 6. We learned that F.P. fled town when he was the lead suspect for a big robbery case, leaving Jughead all alone. Interestingly, Jughead found a new male role model in Brad Raybury, a reclusive author whose stuff Jughead should not have touched. “Make yourself at home” doesn’t mean “snoop around in closed boxes and take my manuscripts,” Juggy.

Unfortunately, that misstep could be the end of Jughead’s opportunity to adapt his stories for Pep comics, but that might be for the best, since Principal Featherhead is officially on to him as a comic writer, which basically means satan worshipper in his eyes.

It was amazing to get some quality Betty and Veronica time in Riverdale season 7, episode 6! It’s been way too long. It seems like there’s some potential future tension to be had for these two given Veronica’s mixed feelings about helping Betty with Archie, but I loved how they were able to communicate at least semi-honestly and help each other figure things out.

Riverdale can often feel farfetched at best, but I loved that this storyline, and many others in this episode, felt very real and grounded. It was a great portrayal of two young girls tackling their questions and misconceptions about sexuality, and as is usually the case, sharing some right answers and some hilariously wrong ones.

Another one of these was Archie’s heartbreak regarding his father’s death. It killed me when he said playing basketball without Fred would feel like there was an anvil on his heart. That was such a beautiful conversation between mother and son about their shared, yet very different loss.

Of course, one of the most real and most exciting storylines in Riverdale season 7, episode 6 was the long-awaited rise of Choni.

I’ve loved the evolution of their story so far in Riverdale season 7. Toni has always known what she wanted, but Cheryl’s journey to acknowledging, accepting, and now allowing herself to have what she wants has been cool to watch. The fact that she got to stick it to Evelyn Evernever while doing that was just icing on the already delicious cake.

It was great to see the girls share their stories of their families and the views they hold on their sexuality. So far these ladies have definitely shared an attraction and a mutual respect, but I loved seeing a real bond forming between them and I can’t wait to see what comes next for them!

This episode was a little light on the mystery, so now that we’ve established some exciting new dynamics, I’m really excited to see how everything comes together in the next episode of Riverdale.