riverdale season 7 episode 9 review

‘Riverdale’ season 7, episode 9 review: Sex drives and crawling eyes

Riverdale season 7, episode 9, was a classic Betty and Veronica double digest!

We love any episode of Riverdale that lets us spend quality time with two of our leading ladies, so we’re thrilled that Riverdale season 7, episode 9 gave us tons of time with both Betty and Veronica, albeit in very different storylines. Here’s our review of each one!


The scandalous saga of Betty’s sex drive continued in Riverdale season 7, episode 9, with her daily therapy sessions with Dr. Werthers. He and Alice recognized their error in having Betty join the Vixens, because they’re obviously very smart and competent adults who know what’s best.

The fact that it wasn’t immediately obvious to Betty how creepy it was to have this man asking about her sex dreams is just a sad indication of how messed up this time, and timeline is. However, I’m glad that when she finally realized, she gave him exactly what he deserved. Also, the fact that he “decided not to press charges” against her probably means that she was at least a little bit right about her accusations.

The “Betty thinking about sex” scenes were so much fun, and not just because it provided another Bughead kiss for Riverdale season 7. Veronica, Reggie, and Fangs also got a piece of the action, but Betty and Archie were obviously the stars of the show in her head, especially in that spicy teacher fantasy!

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I loved the turn when Betty said that she realized everyone was watching. She wasn’t embarrassed, she was excited. She’s really getting to know herself through these fantasies, which she acknowledged in her amazing speech to Dr. Werthers. Through allowing herself to explore her desires, she’s pushing at the edges of the box she’s been put in and beginning to discover what she wants out of life. Any good therapist would see that they have a very healthy and courageous young girl sitting in front of them.

It seems like even parts of Alice might see that, but unfortunately, the part that’s stuck in her own box is still winning out. Betty and Alice were so close to having a real moment together before stupid Hal interrupted. Betty is so brave and insightful for being able to have that conversation with her mom, and we know that Alice saw that too in Riverdale season 7, episode 9. This gives me hope that she’ll see it again before the season is over, and we’ll get some really good Betty and Alice scenes before the end.

Until then, we’ll have to see what it looks like for Betty to not have a mother, especially now that Dr. Werthers is officially checked out of her case. Will this give her the freedom she’s been looking for to explore? Will she now be consumed with saving her mom from her own box?


Veronica seems to have taken all of her unused sexual energy from the last episode and directed it all toward making her new business thrive. Much to a very sweet Reggie’s dismay, of course. I feel a little bit bad for Reggie, since he was really putting himself out there for her in Riverdale season 7, episode 9, but it’s hard to feel bad for Veronica’s lackluster love life when she goes to bed looking that satisfied.

Since it appears that Hiram Lodge is also the devil incarnate in this timeline, he and Hermione are doing whatever it takes to sabotage their daughter’s business. Good thing Veronica’s got more gumption than they could shake a stick at, and no matter what they threw at her, she made it work with the help of her trusty team of hunks.

It was heartbreaking to see Veronica go through so much hardship in Riverdale season 7, episode 9, between her family’s betrayal and the rudeness of her classmates, but the lower the low, the higher the high, and she’s now riding a high sweeter than ten packs of “milk buds.” Even if that means sleeping at the Babylonium!

I’m excited to see where this momentum takes her for the rest of the season, but I also hope she can figure out how to be happy in both business and love. Yes, she would be fine by herself, but she deserves the love that she’s been looking for.


Even though it was a Betty and Veronica double digest, I can’t talk about Riverdale season 7, episode 9, without mentioning Jughead. He was an important part of both stories, giving Veronica the idea for her gimmick and enlightening Betty on the nuances of Lolita, but he was also dealing with a lot on his own.

Contrary to what I predicted, he didn’t go straight into mystery solving mode. Instead, he was taking time to grieve the loss of his mentor and literary hero by taking up residence at Pop’s with all of Rayberry’s novels. I know I would need at least as long if Taylor Swift (god forbid) ever died, and I don’t even know her!

In his journey through Rayberry’s work he discovered some recurring themes. Time passes, seasons change, and life moves on. It’s something we’ll all have to come to terms with when Riverdale ends in just a few short months.

Just as he was making his peace, Sheriff Keller revealed that he had other plans for Jughead. Of course, the Riverdale Sheriff needs help from a high school student to solve a suicide case. I’ll just pretend that makes sense, because I’m so excited to see Jughead back in his mystery solving glory and to finally get some answers on this milk man murderer! Hoping for at least a suspect or two in next week’s Riverdale, and with Jughead on the case, we just might get it.