‘The Scandalous Ladies of London: The Countess’ exclusive excerpt: Tru has her first encounter with Jasper

Who wants a Scandalous Ladies of London: The Countess exclusive excerpt to start their week off right? If you raised your hand, then you’re in luck!

The Countess is the first book in Sophie Jordan’s The Scandalous Ladies of London series, which kicks off a historical romance that takes place in Regency-era England. It chronicles the lives of a group of affluent ladies looking to secure their position at the highest echelons of society. Where’s there’s money, there’s drama. And where there’s drama, there’s plenty of entertainment.

Described as a perfect blend of Bridgerton and The Real Housewives, there will be plenty to keep you hooked. Plus, The Countess breathes a breath of fresh air into the genre because it’s about a mother, rather than her daughter.

Check out the official synopsis for the book below, and then read a note from author Sophie Jordan before diving into our exclusive The Countess excerpt. Enjoy!

About ‘The Scandalous Ladies of London: The Countess’

the scandalous ladies of london: the countess cover

Wealthy society maven Lady Gertrude knows how the world works. If her husband is less than faithful, it’s an acceptable price to pay for her coveted position at the apex of London’s most fashionable set. No exclusive soirée or lavish ball is complete without her and her group of decadent, well-connected friends. And this Season promises more excitement than usual: Tru is launching her daughter into Society, helping her navigate the cutthroat Marriage Mart, complete with fortune hunters, jealous debutantes, and malicious gossips.

As skilled as Tru is at playing the high-stakes games of the ton, she never expects to meet her match—until Jasper Thorne begins to court her daughter. Jasper needs a titled bride, but when he meets Tru, all his carefully laid plans go up in smoke. The attraction between Tru and Jasper is undeniable…and unacceptable. To indulge in an affair with her daughter’s suitor would be ruinous. If it becomes public, she’ll never survive the scandal. Especially as it becomes clear that he wants more than one night…he wants the impossible. He wants forever.

A sizzling story of scandalous ladies, irresistible temptation, and the dangers—and joys—of being true to yourself.

Exclusive ‘The Countess’ excerpt

Hi dear Subjectify readers!

Here is an excerpt from my new book, The Scandalous Ladies of London: The Countess. The Countess tells the story of a wealthy society maven, Tru, launching her daughter into the cutthroat Marriage Mart of regency-era London. Over time, she finds out that the very suitor courting her daughter (as arranged by her wretch of a husband) is someone she’s met before…

In this scene, sparks fly as Tru has her first encounter with our hero, Jasper. Tru is outside getting some air after a clairvoyant gives her an ominous warning. Jasper approaches her on the balcony, equally amused by the frivolous events of the séance inside. The mysterious and handsome man is clearly taking interest in Tru, which is something that she hasn’t experienced in a long time as a married mother and older woman in the ton. She vowed to never be unfaithful despite her husband’s infidelity. But oh is Jasper tempting…

I hope you enjoy reading!

Xx, Sophie

‘The Scandalous Ladies of London: The Countess’ hit store shelves on March 28, 2023

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