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Episode #160 – Tyler Lawrence Gray, Wolf Pack’s Lone Wolf

Wolf Pack star Tyler Lawrence Gray, who plays Harlan Briggs, joins the hosts of Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast to preview the new series. Tyler has plenty to say about his first impressions of the project and of the role, working with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Rodrigo Santoro, the different levels of acting experience between the four main teen stars and how they supported one another, and of course, all about his character Harlan Briggs – his super hearing power, his independent nature, his sexuality, and the impact of all the unanswered questions in Harlan’s past. We also manage to get one or two teasers about when viewers can expect the big picture to come into focus. We hope you enjoy our exclusive interview with Tyler Lawrence Gray for Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast’s coverage of Wolf Pack – not a Teen Wolf spin-off! Continue reading “Episode #160 – Tyler Lawrence Gray, Wolf Pack’s Lone Wolf”