the wilds season 2

‘The Wilds’ season 3 questions that we need answered

The Wilds season 2 answered a few of our burning questions, but left us with so many more for the The Wilds season 3.

The Wilds season 2 had double the characters, so it only seems fitting that it feels like we were left with double the questions for season 3! While we got some resolution on the girls, there are still quite a few threads hanging, and then of course the boys are a whole mess all their own.

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Just like season 1, The Wilds season 2 did a great job at balancing compelling coming-of-age stories with a fun and twisted mystery, leaving us just as obsessed as we were from the start. Now all we can do is sit and ponder these questions and hope that they get answered in The Wilds season 3!

‘The Wilds’ season 3 questions

How did Nora get out, and where is she now?

Before The Wilds season 2, it was looking a lot like Nora had drowned trying to save Rachel from a shark attack. However, this all happened right after Leah discovered that Nora was the secret operative, so the experimenters were pretty motivated to get her out of sight as quickly as possible.

The question is, how did they do it? We know now that Nora is alive and well, but we still have no idea how they retrieved her from the water without anyone noticing. Also, we’re guessing the shark attack was real since Rachel lost her arm from the event, but is it possible that they planned that too? That would be incredibly cruel to put the other girls at risk, but it’s not like any of this has been kind.

The other question is, what is Nora doing now? Could she be on the Phase 3 island acting as an operative again? We can’t imagine her motivation to help Rachel by helping Gretchen would still be as strong, but it’s possible that Gretchen has either threatened or bribed her with something else.

How was silence so ‘potent’ for Josh?

We didn’t see much from Josh outside of the island, either in his home life or in his interview. However, the few things we did see were particularly interesting.

In Josh’s interview, during which he maintained his newfound island swagger, he divulged that “silence is very potent,” and we really have no idea what that means. When he said it, my first thought was that it had something to do with Josh having the other boys promise to not say anything about his assault, but from what we know, that doesn’t add up.

Of course, there are some hours on the island that are unaccounted for where the boys are concerned. It’s possible that something happened after Seth, Kieran and Raf left that would lend some context to this. It’s also possible that this was actually said after Gretchen showed up to Josh’s room with candy and that he was either able to trick her or make a deal with her, possibly leading to him being another operative in Phase 3.

What information did Gretchen get that made her so happy?

Gretchen turned her frown upside down very quickly after visiting Josh. After stressing about the gaping hole in her study, she was finally able to conclude that the failure of the boys was the result of “bad male behaviour.” We have no idea how she determined this, but she called it “a mother’s intuition.”

The obvious answer is that Josh told her something, but this could definitely be a misdirect, meaning it could really be anyone. Considering she chalked it up to mother’s intuition, it could even have something to do with her own son. Either way, we’re dying to know what she heard that sealed the deal for her.

Who is Fatin’s ‘her’?

Near the end of The Wilds season 2 when Shelby was confessing to Fatin that she would never not love Toni, Fatin surprisingly replied saying, “ditto bitch. Different her, same sort of idea.”

The question is, who is “her” to Fatin. Many fans speculate that this was a confession of love for Leah, considering how strong their bond has been growing on the island, but given her backstory it could also simply (or not so simply) be her mom, or someone else from back home.

Will the FBI be able to find the island in ‘The Wilds’ season 3?

After all her speculation and scheming, Leah actually managed to contact the authorities about the experiment with the help of her friend Ian. Unfortunately, when Gretchen found out, she fled with all evidence of the experiment, except for the kids themselves.

This means that the kids are still in the same place as when Leah made the call, so if she or Ian were able to get an idea of where they were, the FBI might still be able to find and rescue them. Considering they still need a story to tell in The Wilds season 3 it’s likely it will still take them a while, but it’s possible the interviews in the next season will be conducted by the FBI, instead of the experimenters.

What do the parents think is happening and how will they react?

We know from The Wilds season 1 that even though the kids thought they were simply headed on a weekend retreat, their parents knew they were in store for a much longer journey. Specifically, Gretchen told Leah’s parents that she would be on a three month long wilderness retreat in Montana.

If that’s the case for all the parents, it will be a while before any of them get too concerned. However, if Ian tells Leah’s parents what he knows, this could change quickly. The other interesting question is how the parents will react once their children are returned to them. Surely this is not what they signed up for!

Is Devon truly sorry?

Gretchen and her son, Devon, obviously have a complicated relationship. She got him out of jail, he reluctantly helped her with her experiment and then called her a monster, he presumably helped Ian with his case for the FBI, and then he said he was sorry and joined his mom on her getaway jet. The question is, is he truly sorry, or will he continue to work against her?

Alternatively, Devon may not have helped Ian at all. He could have led him astray and then called his mom to warn her. In this case, his apology could simply be for how he spoke to his mother after the experiment, and again this question will be if that “sorry” will stand or if he’ll have a change of heart somewhere down the line!

What’s going on with Martha?

After The Wilds season 1, we wondered if Martha might be dead since we didn’t see her interview and the experimenters were going through her things, seemingly trying to avoid a lawsuit. However, in The Wilds season 2, we learned that Martha is alive and at least somewhat well after emerging from her catatonic state.

Was the discussion before simply because she hadn’t yet emerged, or do they fear a lawsuit for some other reason? Also, what finally shook her out of her stupor? These are the questions we need answered in The Wilds season 3.

Will Shoni rekindle their flame in ‘The Wilds’ season 3?

One of the sweetest parts about The Wilds season 2 was the growing relationship between Shelby and Toni. Unfortunately, when Shelby confessed to Toni that she may have missed an opportunity for rescue, Toni couldn’t help but blame her when Martha was in jeopardy.

Luckily, based on the smiles we saw at the “party,” it looks like there is still a spark there to reignite. That being said, this could all get very complicated depending on the answer to the next question…

Is Shelby the second operative in Phase 3?

I really don’t want to believe this one, but this needs to be entertained given the extremely long close up on Shelby’s face as Gretchen mentioned the “people on the inside” at the end of The Wilds season 2. Could Shelby actually be an operative in Phase 3?

My instinct is no, since Shelby seems to make smart decisions and she would know that this would jeopardize any future she could have with Toni. But then again, she did have that “red pill, blue pill” dream, and if she already thought things were hopeless with Toni she could have made a deal with Gretchen to make her life on the outside better.

What is Gretchen’s end game?

Gretchen’s “gynotopia” does have a nice ring to it, but what does it really mean? Does she seriously think she’s going to convince the men of the world to step aside and let women take over after one study with 16 kids? It seems unlikely, but it does seem like she has a plan. I just hope we come closer to figuring out that that plan is in The Wilds season 3!

Have we heard the last of Agent Young?

Gretchen presumably sent Agent Young home to his daughter at the end of The Wilds season 3 after she suspected him of sabotaging her experiment. She let him know that her “gifts come with receipts,” implying that his daughter would be taken from him again if he came after her.

Assuming all that is true, after everything he’s seen, will Agent Young actually keep quiet, or will he help the FBI track down the kids and Gretchen? Just another question that we can’t wait for The Wilds season 3 to answer!