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8 ‘How I Met Your Father’ hopes we have for the new Hulu series

How I Met Your Father has some big red cowboy boots to fill. Here are the things we want to see most in the Hulu series.

It’s been almost eight years since How I Met Your Mother aired its contentious series finale, and we’ve been hungry for more ever since. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely we’ll ever get to hang out in MacLaren’s with Ted, Marshall, Lily, Robin, and Barney again, but hopefully How I Met Your Father will offer an entirely new cast of characters to fill that yellow umbrella-sized void.

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In the process of telling an extremely long-winded love story, How I Met Your Mother also created countless catchphrases, ran several long-running jokes for all they were worth, and solidified one of the most iconic friend groups in the history of television. While the characters and the decade will be different, we’re really hoping this spin-off can re-create some of the magical elements of its predecessor.

Here are the things we want to see most from Hulu’s How I Met Your Father series.

1. New ‘How I Met Your Father’ philosophies to live our lives by

Mostly thanks to Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother was packed with sweeping philosophies that actually turned out to be pretty useful in everyday life. Tell me you haven’t applied the “nothing good happens after 2am” or “no questions asked” rule in your life, I dare you!

That being said, some of these theories didn’t hold up quite as well, and were frankly a little offensive, such as Barney’s crazy/hot scale. I’m excited to see How I Met Your Father test out and prove some 2022 relevant theories to help make us all a little bit more savvy.

2. The refreshing ‘How I Met Your Mother’ optimism

One of the best things about How I Met Your Mother was the lack of cynicism in most of the show’s characters. This group of friends was fueled by possibility, and it was so refreshing as an alternative to the dryness and sarcasm of most 20s- and 30s-led comedies.

Ted was a hopeless romantic, Marshall and Lily were just a couple of big kids, and Barney was willing to accept literally any challenge. Even Robin brought a certain pride and confident energy that added to the show’s buoyancy. She was briefly a woo girl, after all!

The How I Met Your Father trailer has me slightly concerned with its “I’ve been on 87 tinder dates this year” energy, but I’m hoping it can turn it around and deliver way more “this is the first chapter of your next great love story” vibes as the series progresses.

3. Characters that are both relatable and lovable in ‘How I Met Your Father’

Ted, Marshall, Lily, and Robin were some of the most relatable, flawed, and lovable characters I’ve ever seen in a sitcom. And Barney was just awesome. These five characters are a huge factor in why How I Met Your Mother is still so beloved. It’s these characters that live on in our hearts and minds, above all.

If the characters of How I Met Your Father come even close to being as amazing as the OGs, the show will have a real shot at capturing the audience. That being said, the characters still have to be their own, and not just knock-offs of those that came before them.

4. Fun banter and true friendship

The individual How I Met Your Mother characters were incredible in their own right, but it was their group dynamic that took them to another level. It was so fun to listen to their banter at MacLaren’s, wishing to be a part of it from the other side of the screen. It was also so heartwarming to see them genuinely be there for one another over the years, and heartbreaking when they seriously screwed each other over (*cough* Lily *cough*).

The characters of How I Met Your Father seem fun, but can they match the cohesivity of Ted, Marshall, Lily, Robin, and Barney? Only time and episodes will tell!

5. All kinds of love stories

One of the best things about How I Met Your Mother was how it covered an encompassing range of the kinds of people you would come across and the types of relationships you would have as a young person dating in a big city. One of the worst parts was how completely heterosexual all of these people and relationships were.

I’m excited for How I Met Your Father to cover all of the different 2022 dating scenarios from all perspectives. The show has already confirmed that it has queer representation with the character of Ellen, so my hopes and expectations are starting off high.

6. Long-running and recurring gags

How I Met Your Mother is one of the most self-referential shows I’ve ever seen, and it featured countless long-running and recurring gags that lasted full seasons (season 9’s “thank you, Linus”), or throughout the entire series (Slapsgiving). These gags are some of the funniest and most memorable things about the show, so if How I Met Your Father wants to capture the same humor, they’ll have to keep them coming!

I’d even be okay if some of these gags were recycled from the original series. People in 2022 definitely still need interventions for their weird habits, and I’m sure these characters grew up loving The Wedding Bride!

7. Easter eggs

Speaking of recycling things from the original series, I’d love to see some How I Met Your Mother Easter eggs hidden throughout the series. These would be fun nods to fans, and a cool way to connect the spin-off to the original.

It’d be cool to see the new gang walk by MacLaren’s to see if it’s still thriving. It would be amazing to see a yellow umbrella hung up somewhere, since How I Met Your Father will begin before Tracey dies. I’d even be thrilled to see one of Barney’s inspirational posters or a copy of the “Bro Code” floating around!

8. Cameos from the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ cast

Sure, I want How I Met Your Father to stand on its own, but I’m also desperate for another glimpse of the characters I already love. Ted could be teaching one of the new How I Met Your Father characters, Robin could be reporting the news, Marshall and Lily could be taking their children somewhere, or Barney could be visiting his child’s mother! That’s one unanswered mystery we’d love to have solved.

There are plenty of ways the lead, or supporting cast could make cameo appearances if they’re willing to do so, and I really hope they make some of these happen.