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It’s our Not About The Weather 2021 retrospective, and we are going all-in with our biggest pop culture hype and gripe of the year. Ariana, Brittany, Natalie and Karen are all here to decompress. Ted Lasso and Mythic Quest are both heavily featured, with a shout out to Dickinson as well. No, we are not shills for Apple, yes we will become so if ever they want us to be. That platform is creating a lot of great work right now. Ariana takes us through her hype regarding this year’s wonderful coming of age portrayals for teenage girls, and Brittany rekindles her long-lost experience with live music.

In terms of gripes, we have a powerful and wide ranging slate of things to complain about. Brittany is concerned that America’s sweetheart Steve Kornacki is being used and abused as a gimmick (Let Steve Be Steve!) and Karen is disappointed by the Melissa McCarthy movie Thunder Force, which should have been brilliant but just… wasn’t. Natalie feels that while the final season of Brooklyn 99 was, in many ways, very meaningful and very conscious, it betrayed Jake Peralta at the close, and Ariana simply feels that the way people engage in fandom just isn’t fun any more.

As well as our year-end hypes and gripes, the group reflects on their experience of 2021 at work and at home, and assesses whether this year was, at the end of the day, a good or bad one for them personally. Results are mixed. And a great Question of the Day sparks a fantastic discussion about all the performers who shone for us this year like never before. Be sure to stay tuned for the post credits addition. (“Nooooooooowen Wilson.”) Congrats to COVID-19 on its season 3 renewal and we’ll see you next year!

#ANA – Ask NATW Anything: “What established actor/writer/creator most surprised you this year with their new work?”


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This episode’s hosts are: Brittany Lovely, Natalie Fisher, Karen Rought, and Ariana Quiñónez.

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