Episode #41 – Not Sponsored By

It’s our Not About The Weather 2021 retrospective, and we are going all-in with our biggest pop culture hype and gripe of the year. Ariana, Brittany, Natalie and Karen are all here to decompress. Ted Lasso and Mythic Quest are both heavily featured, with a shout out to Dickinson as well. No, we are not shills for Apple, yes we will become so if ever they want us to be. That platform is creating a lot of great work right now. Ariana takes us through her hype regarding this year’s wonderful coming of age portrayals for teenage girls, and Brittany rekindles her long-lost experience with live music.

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Episode #39 – Spiritually, We Might Still Be There

It’s the Supernatural Finale Anniversary Special! Natalie and Cass are joined by Liliana, host of the Supernatural podcast St Alphonso’s Academy of Squee and recent guest contributor here on Subjectify, to talk about the Supernatural series finale, and what the hell has happened since, a year after it all ended. Join us for a very special and very long celebration slash mourning slash something as we hype and gripe the demise of the show, air our worries about what’s become of the fandom, and beg the cast and crew to just be normal about gay people. Continue reading “Episode #39 – Spiritually, We Might Still Be There”

Episode #38 – Bon Appétit

Y’all saw that video of Daniel Radcliffe, right? Ariana is in love, due to the unusual anthology series Miracle Workers, and tells us about the potential link between each unrelated season. Having fallen down a DanRad hole, the only issue is that he hasn’t yet claimed his throne as a romcom prince. If you’re in the mood for a cozy mystery, Natalie can’t recommend Only Murders in the Building enough as a major hype of fall TV, and Only Murders was Brittany’s hype too, until she got some big news about her favorite musical of all time. Continue reading “Episode #38 – Bon Appétit”

Episode #37 – Actively Bawling

This right here is the Subjectify Media Special. In this episode, we let you know all about the founding of our new home, Subjectify Media, and look back together on the decade of podcasting and journalism on Hypable that brought us here. We’ve all shared a lot, working together, and we reflect on all the best things about that – the friendship, collaboration, travel, special events, skills gained, experiences, fandoms, the lot, while explaining what the plan and inspiration is for the new website. It’s a wild ride through our sense of identity and accomplishment, and a huge introduction to what comes next. Continue reading “Episode #37 – Actively Bawling”

Episode #36 – Sad Little Rich Boy

Never Have I Ever… left an unaired podcast episode in drafts for over a year due to a global pandemic! What we have here is a throwback episode** that includes a long discussion of the excellent first season of Never Have I Ever, inspired by the topic of well-executed love triangles. With the second season coming out in a matter of days, catch up with us to find out if we are Team Ben or Team Paxton as we reflect on all the things that make this show fantastic. Continue reading “Episode #36 – Sad Little Rich Boy”

Episode #35 – In This ‘Til I Die

It’s the Supernatural Special Series that absolutely no one asked for! During 2021, Natalie is forcing forever-newbie Brittany to watch Supernatural in its entirety – an episode a day, taking us all the way to the end of the year to cover 15 seasons and 327 episodes. Although this rewatch is merely a social event taking place within a group chat “book club” of about ten good friends, we couldn’t help share some of our thoughts in podcast form, so you’re getting one episode per season, and we’ll be joined each season by another member of our Winchester Gospels Book Club. Continue reading “Episode #35 – In This ‘Til I Die”

Episode #34 – Goodbye Horses

Season 2 of Not About The Weather is here! There’s a new Presidential Administration and we feel like it’s finally safe to come out of our holes. We explain the reason for our longer hiatus and attempt to get back into the swing of things. On the agenda today: it’s trashy romance novel time for Brittany in both her hype and her gripe, Natalie takes issue with the lack of brand-new stories finding their place on television but hypocritically has plenty of praise for a new show that’s tied very heavily to some hugely prominent intellectual property, and Karen simply has too many books, as well as too many feelings about Mortal Kombat. Classic Karen. Continue reading “Episode #34 – Goodbye Horses”