Episode #36 – Sad Little Rich Boy

Never Have I Ever… left an unaired podcast episode in drafts for over a year due to a global pandemic! What we have here is a throwback episode** that includes a long discussion of the excellent first season of Never Have I Ever, inspired by the topic of well-executed love triangles. With the second season coming out in a matter of days, catch up with us to find out if we are Team Ben or Team Paxton as we reflect on all the things that make this show fantastic.

Since Ariana picked love triangles as both her hype AND her gripe, we also learned about all the things wrong with the love triangles in Gossip Girl, Jane the Virgin and To All The Boys: PS I Still Love You. We also reminisce over our Rewatchable season about Pitch, coo over the bromance between Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal and sing the praises of Prodigal Son season 1. Little did we know that our time with that masterpiece was limited.

On a trickier note, Natalie is struggling with the pressure of expectation to like a piece of media that friends recommend due to their emotional attachment to it, a situation that can be difficult as both the pusher and the pushee, and Brittany brings to light the sad reality that we’re all struggling with our reading speeds these days.

**Here’s the deal, folks. Back in the first lockdown, we recorded two episodes back to back – one specifically focusing on the growing issues of COVID and one escapist one, completely avoiding talking about COVID. Due to the State of Things in 2020, the Coronavirus special quickly – as in, within a few days – became dated and not appropriate to air any more, so we canned the two-part special. However THIS part, the “No-rona” partner half, is, upon re-listening, actually fine and relatively evergreen, aside from the part where Prodigal Son has since been rudely and cruelly cancelled. Given the return of Never Have I Ever, this seemed like the perfect moment to publish it.

Spoiler Warning: Part of this episode involves massive spoilers for season 1 cliffhanger of Prodigal Son. Although the show is now complete, if you plan to watch, you should skip this spoiler. The BIG spoiler discussion begins at around 1 hour 18 min and finishes at around 1 hr 27min. Feel free to skip it if needed.

This episode’s hosts are:  Brittany LovelyAriana Quiñónez and Natalie Fisher.

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