Episode #35 – In This ‘Til I Die

It’s the Supernatural Special Series that absolutely no one asked for! During 2021, Natalie is forcing forever-newbie Brittany to watch Supernatural in its entirety – an episode a day, taking us all the way to the end of the year to cover 15 seasons and 327 episodes. Although this rewatch is merely a social event taking place within a group chat “book club” of about ten good friends, we couldn’t help share some of our thoughts in podcast form, so you’re getting one episode per season, and we’ll be joined each season by another member of our Winchester Gospels Book Club.

This time it’s Maria Greig, perhaps better known to fic readers as aeli_kindara on AO3.

And so this is season 1, in which we meet Sam and Dean, fall in love, and consider the implications of the story from day 1 with the retroactive knowledge of both Chuck’s twisted endgame and the series finale. Natalie struggles with the show’s intention for Sam as a protagonist, Maria creates the John Winchester’s A+ Parenting Spreadsheet to end all spreadsheets, and Brittany deems John The Worst Person She’s Ever Had The Pleasure Of Watching On TV. Chinhandsing over Dean from all parties is to be expected, but we are fascinated by the reminders that the Dean we’ve grown to expect wasn’t always like that – that the trauma that hardens him happens to him over the course of the series, and that the Dean we first meet is the Dean we’re always wanting him to get back to.

You can expect a hype and gripe from each of us about a general premise or concept of the season, as well as a bit of a chat about favorite and least favorite episodes. By the way, Brittany’s top episode of season 1 was Bugs.

This podcast is NOT spoiler free for the rest of the series.


Maria on Archive of Our Own

This episode’s hosts are:  Brittany Lovely and Natalie Fisher.

Our special guest is: Maria Greig

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