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‘Our Special Day: A Comedy Special’ review: Corinne and Krystyna are a comedy match made to last

Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson’s comedy special debut was a special day for all of us.

After almost a decade of interrogating ex-boyfriends, helping their listeners ascend from self-proclaimed “dumb bitch” status, and interviewing everyone from their comedian friends to names like Amber Rose and Rob Schneider on “Guys We Fucked: The Anti Slut-Shaming Podcast,” Corinne and Krystyna are finally having their “special” day.

The comedy duo started the podcast in 2013 after Corinne’s storied Panera bread breakup as a way to figure out what they’d been doing wrong in their romantic encounters. They’d interview the men they’d slept with in hopes of gaining some insight into their own patterns, but along the way they ended up discovering some more universal truths, such as the iconic, “no grown man wants to be your friend” line.

Of course, it got heated and it got personal, but above all, since they’ve always been comedians first, it was hilarious. And spoiler alert: in most cases, they weren’t the problem.

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Corinne and Krystyna were trailblazers in the now well-populated landscape of podcasts focused on dating, relationships, and sexuality (particularly women’s sexuality), and they are still making some of the most intelligent, honest, and balanced content out there on the subject. This was only enhanced when the podcast moved to Luminary in 2019, as the comedians became more candid than ever.

Note: “Guys We Fucked” can now be found on all platforms again, with bonus episodes, for which the podcasters save their “tastiest morsels,” appearing exclusively on Luminary.

Over the years, the podcast has evolved from its namesake format into the perfect blend of comedy, curiosity, and feminism that it is today. In elevating so many voices and bringing conversations to the forefront in an accessible and entertaining way, they’ve helped so many listeners navigate situations that they otherwise would have felt alone in.

I, personally, owe them thousands of therapy dollars for the amount of shame they’ve lifted from my shoulders, the confidence to advocate for myself that I’m still working to build, and a deeper understanding of what being a woman means for me.

At this point, they’ve both earned their 10,000 hours in advice giving, but the true magic of the podcast has always been in how entertaining and insightful the comedy duo is. That’s why I was so thrilled that I would finally get to watch their comedy special to see them do what they do best! And of course, I was not disappointed.

‘Our Special Day: A Comedy Special’ review

When Our Special Day: A Comedy Special opened on an Elvis impersonator-led marriage of the two “comedy wives,” followed by an amazing original Problemas song and a tiered wedding cake that echoed the sentiment, I knew I was in for more than just a comedy special. I was about to witness an event.

As Krystyna gleefully took the stage with her signature, “What up, fuckers?” (an ironically affectionate term for their podcast audience), you could tell the two performers felt the exact same way. This wasn’t just an event, it was their event, and they were going to make it a great one.

Leaning into the skill they’ve spent so many hours perfecting, they started the set off with a punched up “7 minutes in therapy” segment. They’ve truly mastered lovingly roasting their audience while also giving them legitimately helpful advice, and they fed so well off of each other and each audience member in this segment.

I was so impressed with how quickly they found their way to the root of each problem and how many huge laughs they managed to work in along the way, proving instantly how adept they were at crowd work before bringing out their more rehearsed material.

As each of them took the stage, I loved seeing how defined their voices and personas were. They both had incredible stage presence, and a unique personality and point of view, which is pretty much exactly what makes for a great comedy special.

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Corinne led with her confidence, which amplified the laughs when she dove deep into some of the things she thinks she should be insecure about. Her set could best be summed up by her own statement, “I’m a feminist, but I also love facts,” which her fans know to be one of her best qualities, and one I was thrilled to see her work with as a comedian. I laughed so hard as she performed bits about tall guys and crystals that hit such a chord with me and, seemingly, the audience in attendance.

Krystyna played with her own naivety in an inspired joke on red flags, and brought out some truly hysterical physical comedy in a bit about figuring out what to do with new dicks after a long-term relationship ends. Her personality shone through when she adorably proclaimed “I love it” about love, and the entire set was such a perfectly refined exploration of her open mind and heart.

Our Special Day: A Comedy Special brought the comedy wives back together at the end for “sexting theater,” where they performed a comedic reading of an audience member’s actual sexts. It’s no surprise that this bit went off to huge laughter, since I’m pretty sure any of our texts (especially ones of that nature) would sound wildly hilarious if read aloud, but the commitment to the characters, especially on Corinne’s part as the audience member herself, turned the segment into a grand finale worthy of the incredible special they’d produced.

With Corinne directing the special and the duo self-funding the venture, their extreme financial and emotional investment added weight to their sincere gratitude as they departed the venue. As the credits rolled and the beautiful dedication to Corinne’s late father featured, I couldn’t help but feel like this was just the first of many comedy specials I would see from Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson, and I sure hope I’m right!

Check out Our Special Day: A Comedy Special by Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson on Youtube now!