Episode #17 – Years of Pining

Welcome to Prophecy Radio, a Percy Jackson podcast dedicated to all of Rick Riordan’s past, present, and future projects! Co-hosts Karen Rought and Kristen Kranz discuss the latest news in the Percy Jackson/Rick Riordan Presents fandom (including the fact that Percy Jackson at Disney+ has the greenlight!), then break down the events of the short story “The Diary of Luke Castellan,” as well as analyze chapters 11 and 12 of Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. New episodes of Prophecy Radio will air weekly, and all ages are welcome to tune in.

News and Updates (00:01:20)

  • Yes, we’re talking about the Percy Jackson/Disney+ official greenlight!
  • Kristen didn’t tell Karen about the news because she HATES HER.
  • The announcement video has over a million views now!
  • It’s amazing to see all the other authors who are excited too.
  • What did the press release have to say?
  • The show will be closely aligned with the source material.
  • The people working on the show are so talented and seem like the perfect ones to bring Percy to life.
  • It’s taken so long to get to this point, so let’s take a second to realize how momentous this is.
  • How will this show being on Disney+ affect the way it’s received?
  • Disney+ is coming to 42 more countries.
  • This show will be for tweens, teens, and young adults.
  • Shout-out to the over 30 crowd!
  • We think this show will play well for any age.
  • Karen has decided to get her hopes up.
  • The people at Disney seem excited too, and we can get on board with that.
  • What kind of impact will the show’s success have on the Rick Riordan Presents books?
  • A band called The Happy Return wrote a song about Annabeth.
  • Mark Oshiro wrote a new book called You Only Live Once, David Bravo.
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“The Diary of Luke Castellan” by Rick Riordan (00:30:25)

  • Have we ever read this short story before?
  • Let’s talk about Luke’s narration—did we like it?
  • Thalia is such a cool character, and this was an awesome portrayal of her.
  • But it makes it even harder knowing what Luke has done.
  • Were there romantic feelings between Thalia and Luke?
  • It felt like they’d already gone on so many adventures before this story took place!
  • That goat is classic Rick Riordan.
  • What did the leucrota remind us of?
  • Hal is very old for a demigod.
  • Aren’t there enough monsters in the world without Apollo being this extra?
  • Did they ever reference Halcyon Green in the Trials of Apollo series?
  • Is there any reality in which Apollo had a point in punishing Hal?
  • Hal reads Thalia’s future and it’s…tragic.
  • When was this short story published in relation to The Lost Hero?
  • Could reuniting with her family also mean Annabeth?
  • Luke’s future is a little messier…
  • It’s going to be so interesting to keep reading with this short story under our belt now.
  • Does Luke’s diary ever come back into play?
  • Does Thalia have a bright future?
  • Is Hal to blame for continuing the ruse of the trap?
  • You can really see that this is where Luke’s radicalization started.
  • But did we also see a bit of Luke’s true nature here?
  • Luke is definitely gonna break some promises.
  • Did you see the map of Hal’s house?
  • Wouldn’t this make a great flashback episode in the show?

Chapter Reviews (01:05:57)

  • It’s time to jump into Sea of Monsters chapter 11! We’re officially halfway through the book.
  • Clarisse is pretty possessive of this quest of hers, isn’t she?
  • We feel very differently about Clarisse now that we’re older.
  • Does Clarisse have any friends? Did anyone actually want to come with her?
  • We REALLY don’t like Ares. Not that we liked him a ton before.
  • He’s a misogynist and clearly abusive.
  • Here’s the blog post where Rick meets with the gods.
  • Is Ares the worst godly parent out of all of them?
  • Prophecy Count: 9
  • Grover is smart to give Percy a heads up about the traps on the island.
  • Okay, so Polyphemus isn’t completely blind.
  • Charybdis or Scylla? Either one is pretty terrible.
  • Tyson is the true MVP of this chapter.
  • What does Ares have up his sleeves?
  • We were feeling some emotions in this chapter!!
  • Time for chapter 12!
  • It feels like a trap! But they still fall for it.
  • Thank goodness Annabeth is so smart, though.
  • Turns out Blackbeard was a demigod too!
  • What was with the whole mizzenmast thing?
  • We have a lot to look out for in future books.
  • Kristen does an excellent guinea pig impression.

Thanks for listening, and be sure to tune in next time for episode 18, where we’ll do a deep dive into the mythology of the furies.

This episode’s hosts are: Karen Rought and Kristen Kranz.

Each episode, our Prophecy Radio hosts and their guests will keep you up to date on the latest information coming out of Camp Half-Blood, including upcoming books and adaptation news, discuss a topic of choice, and do a chapter by chapter reread of the Percy Jackson series.

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