‘Tiger Honor’ giveaway: Win a copy of Yoon Ha Lee’s ‘Dragon Pearl’ sequel

Join our Tiger Honor giveaway, and earn your chance to win a copy of Yoon Ha Lee’s second book in the Thousand Worlds series.

Did you enjoy Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee? If so, you were probably happy to learn that, three years later, the book has a sequel called Tiger Honor!

Although Tiger Honor also takes place in the Thousand Worlds series and is directly related to Dragon Pearl, it has a completely new narrators and introduces several new faces. Don’t worry, though, because you also get to see some old friends along the way!

Sebin is part of the Juhwang tiger clan, and their infamous uncle is none other than Captain Hwan. Perhaps he was infamous before because of his adventures with the Space Forces, but now that he’s been branded a traitor, he’s got a different kind of reputation.

That means Sebin is tasked with the impossible—it’s been their life-long dream to join the Space Forces and make their family proud. But with Hwan on the run, Sebin will have to decide where their loyalty lies. Is it with their aspiration of becoming a cadet and their new crewmates, or is it with the Juhwang clan and their uncle?

To make matters more interesting, Min is poking her nose around the ship, asking questions and not following protocol as well as Sebin would like. And once Sebin learns Min’s true identity, they know it’s up to them to make sure she doesn’t cause any more trouble than she already has.

Tiger Honor is an interesting sequel in that you want to root for your narrator, but you also know the intimate details of Min’s story and how she ended up in the Space Forces to begin with. Be sure to read our full Tiger Honor book review!

‘Tiger Honor’ giveaway

But let’s get to the good stuff, shall we? Thanks to Disney Publishing, we’re giving away three copies of Tiger Honor by Yoon Ha Lee. Please know that this is a U.S.-only giveaway. We apologize to all of our international readers!

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Thank you for entering our giveaway. As you count down the minutes until you find out whether you’ve won, be sure to listen to Prophecy Radio, where hosts Karen and Kristen discuss Rick Riordan’s projects, new and old. You can listen to Prophecy Radio episode #15, “Full Speed Ahead,” for their analysis of Dragon Pearl as well as Prophecy Radio episode #16, “Crossing Lines,” for their chat about Tiger Honor.

‘Tiger Honor’ hit store shelves on January 4, 2022

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