Episode #68 – About Dam Time

Prophecy Radio episode #68 dives into the connection between astrology and Greek mythology—specifically talking about the stories behind the zodiac signs. Plus, we talk about all the latest news in the Riordanverse, including the fact that Zeus and Poseidon have finally been cast in Percy Jackson and the Olympians, as well as read and discuss Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian chapter 22. After this, there’s only one more chapter to go! New episodes of Prophecy Radio air weekly, and all ages are welcome to tune in.

News and updates (00:01:36)

  • Mark gives us some stats on their signing of The Sun and the Star.
  • Is Rick a doodler? We’re not so sure he is…
  • It’s Nico di Angelo’s birthday! This article made us realize we forgot an important detail about his sister, Bianca.
  • Read Riordan answers the question—What exactly ARE the whimsies?
  • Don’t forget that Winston Chu vs. the Whimsies by Stacey Lee comes out on February 7!
  • Rick teases a possible blooper reel, and we are HERE for it.
  • Midgard Times (of all places) lets us know about the new Percy Jackson and the Olympians filming end date.
  • And yes, it’s now finally time to talk about Rick’s January 26 blog post, aka the place where we finally get to meet Zeus and Poseidon.
  • We wonder why they don’t announce actors until after they’re done filming?
  • We definitely know Lance Reddick from a few places, and he’s gonna make an awesome Zeus.
  • And Toby Stephens? We just learned a VERY interesting fact about him this morning.
  • We might be a little less familiar with him, but you can’t deny he looks like he’s gonna be an awesome Poseidon.
  • We wonder which demigods won’t show up in season 1.
  • Will Argus be completely CGI in the show?

Astrology and Greek mythology (00:32:28)

  • First, we’ve got to talk about the Babylonians.
  • Did you know there were originally about 17 or 18 constellations in the zodiac?
  • Aries was first associated with a shepherd, and then later with the ram.
  • Even the Egyptians kept this meaning, which they associated with Amon-Ra (no relation to the football player).
  • Everything comes back to Percy Jackson, which is excellent news for us, a Percy Jackson podcast.
  • Taurus is tied to the spring equinox, which leads down some interesting paths that we are choosing not to explore too deeply.
  • We’re already noticing a pattern with Herakles…
  • Moving into Gemini, we meet Castor and Pollux, which are a pair of names you’ve probably heard before, even if you aren’t familiar with the mythological origins.
  • Cancer seems to be a bit of a newer constellation.
  • Surprise, surprise, Herakles is once again involved in this one.
  • Have you read Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons?
  • The constellation of Leo has been associated with the lion for a long time and amongst many different cultures.
  • We never knew Hera was the Oprah of constellations.
  • Unfortunately for Kristen specifically, the stories behind Virgo and Libra are very confusing.
  • Demeter, Astraea, Dike, and Persephone are all possible players in this game.
  • We try to puzzle out how all of these figures are associated with the zodiac and it breaks our brains a little bit.
  • Kristen keeps making How I Met Your Mother references and they go right over Karen’s head.
  • In case you were wondering, this is NOT a Brooklyn Nine-Nine podcast.
  • Scorpio’s myth is pretty straight forward.
  • Babylonia probably saw more scorpions than jellyfish.
  • The god Nergal from Babylonian mythology is somehow even stranger than Chiron and his human legs.
  • There were simply no constellations before Herakles.
  • It seems Capricorn has always been a goat-fish.
  • Okay, it feels a little TOO convenient that Pan could just grow a fishtail to escape.
  • No matter how you spin it, Aquarius is associated with flooding.
  • This sign is also associated with Ganymede, who we’ll meet in Percy Jackson and the Chalice of the Gods.
  • There are so many things we’re just gonna skip over.
  • Shapeshifting was a PLAGUE back in the day, apparently.
  • We go on a WHOLE journey about ichthyocentaurs and Camp Fish-Blood.

Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian (01:14:40)

  • Let’s talk about The Last Olympian chapter 22.
  • Rainbow came to visit, and we’re so happy!!
  • How did Rachel get into Camp Half-Blood unscathed?
  • And why wasn’t Chiron more concerned about Rachel’s fate!?
  • Do you think they’ll push Rachel’s story to earlier in the TV series in case we don’t get a Heroes of Olympus series?
  • The Great Prophecy is officially Prophecy Count #32!
  • The memorials were super sad and beautiful at the same time.
  • We’re so happy Nico got the credit and acceptance he deserves!!
  • Annabeth and Tyson have come such a long way as friends!!
  • We kind of wish we had a bit more Percabeth at the end here.
  • Rick is CRUEL for naming this chapter “I Am Dumped.”
  • How did neither one of us pick “And it was pretty much the best underwater kiss of all time”!?
  • The end of this chapter is just so ICONIC.

Thanks for listening, and tune in next time for episode 69, where we’ll have a chat with J. Maya about music—both her own and what she’d like to see in the show.

This episode’s hosts are: Karen Rought and Kristen Kranz.

Each episode, our Prophecy Radio hosts and their guests will keep you up to date on the latest information coming out of Camp Half-Blood, including upcoming books and adaptation news, discuss a topic of choice, and do a chapter by chapter reread of the Percy Jackson series.

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