Episode #346 – ‘The Matrix Revolutions’ – Not The Machines You’re Looking For

The ReWatchable crew enters the Matrix one more time to finish out the original trilogy with a discussion covering whether or not this is a love story, determining who is entitled to eat the cookies, and consider where the next movie may take audiences. This Matrix Revolutions panel is a modge-podge one superfan and several sort of newbies who tackle the biggest questions the series has to offer humanity, including: is this movie the only time Keanu Reeves has made a joke? Join us as we navigate one last trip into the Matrix as we know it and prepare for what The Matrix: Resurrections has to offer!

Fun Facts

The Matrix Revolutions

  • The movie dives right into the thick of it but not action-wise, the characters take center stage
  • Volume was a major issue for home viewing, perhaps due to its IMAX release
  • With the balance of jumping between character moments, did we lose a lot of Neo in this film after sticking very close to him in the past 2 films?
  • Which direction is the train going? And are the passengers running toward reality or away from it?
  • The machines aren’t who we thought they were
  • A moment to acknowledge how great Keanu looks at this moment — and in the PRESENT
  • The Oracle is replaced due to a real life death, however the plot gives a lot to chew on with a vessel changing as a result of a choice made in the Matrix
  • Imagine being programmed to live with a guy who eats half an olive at a time?
  • Is there a lack of emotional investment (or none at all?) for Trinity? But was this intentional?
  • Smith, who are you? Why are you here? What is your purpose?!
  • The cookies are done, but who does the Oracle actually think that they are for?
  • Smith turns out to be quite the three-dimensional character despite Brittany’s best attempts to ignore his existence
  • We are in Zion/the real world for a majority of the movie with the crews of the ships and on the battlefield defending Zion
  • The side characters give us hope
  • The Kid is actually a bigger deal than just being the President of Neo’s fan club
  • Another battle/fight scene makes us care a bit more when it cuts between people rather than focusing on one character at a time
  • The casting of Bane was *chef’s kiss*
  • “Neo dust”
  • Neo is blinded-but he cannot escape Smith’s sunglasses-and he kills Bane
  • Does Keanu make his only joke… ever… in this movie?
  • Trinity and Neo’s deaths – what was the emotional and logical reactions to each of these?
  • Happily ever after, or not, there’s always the 4th movie
  • Neo master negotiator with the machines
  • Iconic RAIN BATTLE
  • Based on canon alone the machines taking Neo is a giant question mark (but there are possibly some answers in the video game)
  • Natalie adds some must-sees to her Sydney tour and it is an eel wall (no thank you)
  • What is the one thing that would keep you living in the Matrix? Or Zion?
  • There are some disturbing procreation discussion
  • What the hell is going to happen in The Matrix: Resurrections?
  • Favorite scenes
  • Favorite lines

This episode’s panel included superfan: Karen Rought, one panelist who has seen The Matrix Revolutions once: Kendra Cleary, one panelist who may have seen it: Natalie Fisher, and one panelist who has never seen it: Brittany Lovely.

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