Episode #348 – ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ – A Matrix 4 Us All

The Matrix: Resurrections pulls the ReWatchable panel back into the fold for one last ride with the original crew. Although everything seems slightly the same, this meta retelling of the series offers something new for everyone. Leaning into the film took a bit of effort at the start, but the film still laid the groundwork for another discussion of the larger themes of the piece from Lana Wachowski. Join us as we ask the big questions, such as: Did this movie need to be made? Did we enjoy it? Did Keanu make another joke?! Continue reading “Episode #348 – ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ – A Matrix 4 Us All”

Episode #346 – ‘The Matrix Revolutions’ – Not The Machines You’re Looking For

The ReWatchable crew enters the Matrix one more time to finish out the original trilogy with a discussion covering whether or not this is a love story, determining who is entitled to eat the cookies, and consider where the next movie may take audiences. This Matrix Revolutions panel is a modge-podge one superfan and several sort of newbies who tackle the biggest questions the series has to offer humanity, including: is this movie the only time Keanu Reeves has made a joke? Join us as we navigate one last trip into the Matrix as we know it and prepare for what The Matrix: Resurrections has to offer! Continue reading “Episode #346 – ‘The Matrix Revolutions’ – Not The Machines You’re Looking For”

Episode #342 – ‘The Matrix’ – Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

ReWatchable is back in action with a series of specials for the remainder of 2021. In honor of our Sense8 round, we’ll be covering the Wachowskis’ Matrix trilogy in advance of the 4th instalment this December. Today we bring you a ReWatchable deep dive into the original, iconic, philosophical and plain legendary 1999 classic that is The Matrix. Looking back at The Matrix after 20 years, how does it hold up? Join us as we follow baby Keanu Reeves out of the simulation and discover just how deep the rabbit hole goes. Continue reading “Episode #342 – ‘The Matrix’ – Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”