riverdale season 7 episode 12

‘Riverdale’ season 7, episode 12 review: The story of two boys and two girls

Riverdale season 7, episode 12 finally revealed the outcome of the scary Halloween (in June) car crash.

Jughead said that Riverdale season 7, episode 12 was the story of two boys, but I think after watching we can all safely say it was really the epic story of two girls. Also the two boys though. And a boy and a girl if you consider Jughead and Ethel and Cheryl and Julian. Okay, so there were a lot of stories with varying ratios of boys and girls.

I will start with the girls, because they added an unexpected and amazing twist to Riverdale season 7, episode 12. I always love it when Betty and Veronica get some real screen time together, and this season has actually been great for that. That’s why I didn’t even see it coming (I know, I know, the signs were definitely there) when they started flirting with the idea of being more than friends.

Before that, I really loved that they started opening up to each other on a deeper level in this episode, with Veronica finally confiding in someone about being kicked out of the Pembrooke, and Betty actually acknowledging Polly’s existence! They have been such a good support system for each other in Riverdale season 7 in a way I’ve been hoping to see for a while.

The musical number and the hungover shopping were really fun, but it was these moments, along with the beautifully open and genuine way they confessed their curiosities and love for one another, that were by far my favorite parts of Riverdale season 7, episode 12. Could Betty and Veronica be the great endgame couple of the series? This season has thrown pretty much everything else at the wall, so I see no reason why this couldn’t be the one that sticks. That being said, the trailer for the next episode has me concerned that this is just a bait and that this will be forgotten even quicker than other romances this season, but I really hope this is something they actually explore.

Basically the only pairing they haven’t yet tried in the final season of Riverdale is Bughead, and part of that could be because he’s almost always been tied up with someone else. His partnership with Ethel was back in full force in this episode, as they reunited their previously short-lived Pep comics dream team.

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Of course, Sheriff Keller has no desire to actually discover the identity or motives of the milk man serial killer now that Ethel took care of him. It’s an open and shut case. Nothing but a drifter passing through. Thankfully, Jughead and Ethel don’t believe that for a second, but it seems that instead of trying to solve the case, they’re going about catharsis in a different way for right now.

In an effort to ensure her story is told, Ethel desperately wanted to write a sequel to “The Milk Man Cometh.” Mr. Fieldstone put an abrupt stop to that, but she was still able to find a way to get her story out by using a mailman as a cover. Everyone was very happy, except, undoubtedly, for Featherhead and Werthers. But that’s a problem for another episode.

Finally, we get to the boys! Archie and Reggie actually gave Betty and Veronica a run for their money in Riverdale season 7, episode 12’s “cutest duo” contest, and that’s really saying something. Thankfully, Reggie saved all of the Bulldogs after their car crash into Sweetwater River, or this bromance may never have fully blossomed.

Although so much of the episode was about the boys coming together, it began by highlighting what set them apart. Reggie has a true love and passion for basketball, while Archie is discovering he has other talents and interests, namely poetry. His teacher was very impressed by his “Phantom” poem, so this could be the continuation of Archie’s series long struggle between sports and music, or something like music.

As Reggie knew he would, Clifford Blossom disgustingly tried to blame the whole car crash on him, even going to the lengths of recruiting K.O. Kelly to take Reggie’s spot on the team. Other than the time when he actually murdered his son (it’s pretty hard to top that), Clifford was at his absolute worst in Riverdale season 7, episode 12. Not only did he come for Reggie, but he called Julian a dunce and threatened Cheryl. This man has literally zero redeeming qualities.

His quest for making the Bulldogs the town champions is apparently tied to his desire to have a town that will “follow him anywhere.” Okay, but…where? Where does he want to take them that a high school basketball team is required to clinch the deal?

Thankfully, the Bulldogs are epic even without Clifford’s manipulation, and they stood up for Reggie, saying they would quit the team if he didn’t stay and if he wasn’t made team captain! I was so thrilled for this show of support for Reggie, and even more pumped about Clifford finally getting what was coming to him. The friendship between Archie and Reggie is really bringing out the best in both of them. And yes, by that I do mean them roughhousing in Archie’s room. That is the best in both of them.

It was great to see Archie get Fred’s old captain patch, but I think he earned it even more when he gave it to Reggie. Fred Andrews would be so proud of who his boy is becoming in Riverdale season 7, even if he’s only just beginning to figure out who that is.