riverdale season 7 episode 4

‘Riverdale’ season 7, episode 4 review: Nick and Nora’s infinite film reel

Pour the maple syrup, because a long forgotten face returned to Riverdale in season 7, episode 4.

Clifford Blossom is back to cast shade on any theories you may have had about the identity of the supposed “milk man killer!” My money was on Hal, but now that we know Clifford is around that could be an even better throwback for the show. Especially since Julian suspiciously kept Ethel busy at the exact time of the murder. Of course, there’s still plenty of time in the season for more murder, so maybe all the dads will get their hands dirty at some point! We know Hiram is returning at some point, and he’s never been one to play nice.

Uncle Frank heard the father figures were having a moment, so not to be left out, he came to town to “knock some heads.” That’s really good news, because this Archie and Cheryl storyline definitely wasn’t already over the top enough. Obviously the Blossoms just want to get Cheryl hitched to Archie so they can preserve their pristine ginger hairline, but Mary was really going through it when she found out about the “mess” that Archie and Cheryl made. It was a bit much, girl. I guess that’s the 50s for you.

It turns out, things didn’t even get that messy between Archie and Cheryl. According to Archie, they barely touched second base and they definitely didn’t get anywhere close to home plate. Alas, Archie is as chivalrous as ever, and when Cheryl confessed that he’d be protecting her by going along with it, he was all in, no questions asked.

Like seemingly everyone else, I’m falling so deeply in love with Archie in Riverdale season 7, and episode 4 just made the descent even steeper. Between talking about going to the movies with his dad (how many westerns were really coming out in the 50s that they were going every weekend?) and how sweet he was being with Cheryl, the 50s really seems to be his ideal era. We even got a glimpse of his musical side when he mentioned running off to California to become a folk singer.

I was so proud of Cheryl for eventually facing her own music, and I can’t wait to see what that looks like for her in Riverdale season 7. I’m sure Toni will be a guiding hand for her, and I’m definitely very excited for that, but I loved how part of Cheryl’s story of acceptance involved seeing the good in Archie and receiving some version of love from him, which is difficult to come by in the Blossom family. I really hope these two remain friends for the rest of this season, and beyond into the infinite possibilities of the Riverdale future.

At the prompting of Archie’s new bestie, he penned yet another love poem, but this time for the girl next door. Unfortunately, Frank arrived before we could see any more, but there are now two poems floating around for the potential loves of Archie’s life that I hope will come into play in some big dramatic fashion later in the season.

This could be especially interesting since Betty is officially unpinned by Kevin. Thank god Betty was standing up for herself in the most magnificent way in Riverdale season 7, episode 4, because otherwise the misogyny in this episode would have been way too much to handle.

I gave a little slow clap when she asserted that she was not okay with Kevin making all of the decisions in their relationship. That’s something that’s almost as difficult to do now as it was then, and with that, and so many other moments in this episode, Betty exuded so much strength. It would have been completely understandable if she’d needed way more time to come to terms with Kevin’s truth, but it was also so nice to see them working through it together. This is another friendship that I hope we get to see way more of now!

In almost every Riverdale season 7, episode 4 storyline, including the two I just mentioned, there was a very important angel on everyone’s shoulder. She’s perfect, and she goes by the name of Toni Topaz. She seems to have fallen right back into her guidance counselor role in season 7, and she seems to be the person everyone goes to for advice.

Not only did she help Betty and Cheryl through their respective “break ups,” but she also answered a very important question for Fangs and Midge using what was apparently a common method of confirming pregnancy in the past! The frog let Midge know that she is, in fact, super pregnant, so now she and Fangs have an uphill battle to climb for the approval of her parents.

There was one couple in Riverdale season 7, episode 4 that really doesn’t have to worry about what their parents think, because they seem to just be a couple of orphans. They can keep having “wowee” inspiring kisses in front of the fireplace as long as they want! Of course, I’m talking about the surprisingly intriguing Jughead and Veronica.

I honestly just love seeing Jughead feel loved, and it’s really cool to see someone fall for a completely different side of Veronica. I’ve been waiting for Bughead to emerge as the famous mystery solving duo that they are, but it appears that Jughead has found his partner in crime on a much higher floor this time.

In highlighting how much these two have in common, I love that Riverdale is also keeping their differences at the forefront, since its both of these things that could actually make them a really strong couple. They definitely have some learning to do to find their shared sensibilities and how they can compliment each other (that train car was beautiful but it could not have been less Jughead), but there’s actually so much potential there and I’m surprised but delighted by it.

The least delightful thing about Riverdale season 7, episode 4 (yes, somehow even worse than the misogyny and Mary’s reaction) was the fact that Ethel has been sent to the dreaded Sisters of Quiet Mercy. Nothing good ever happens there, so it sounds like things are about to get even darker in Riverdale season 7. Hopefully there will be plenty more kisses to balance things out!