‘Stone Heart’ by Katee Robert: The perfect introduction to the Dark Olympus series

Any Stone Heart book review worth its salt would tell you that this little novella is the perfect introduction to the Dark Olympus series by Katee Robert.

Stone Heart by Katee Robert was released on February 16, 2023, but somehow I completely missed it and didn’t read it until recently. In a way, I’m so glad I did because a little birdie told me we might see this couple again very soon…

The story takes place before Neon Gods and is a perfect introduction to both Katee’s writing and the Dark Olympus series. The Kindle eBook is also free, so there’s really no risk to picking it up and diving straight in.

Stone Heart gives you a good overview of Olympus, including both the Upper and Lower City and how the bridge between them operates, as well as the dynamics of some of the various characters and their positions amongst the Thirteen. Not only does it show you how dark and dangerous Olympus can be, but it also provides light and hope in the form of Medusa and Calypso’s relationship.

That’s reflective of the Dark Olympus series as a whole, and if you’ve never read Katee Robert before, I think Stone Heart is an excellent introduction to her style as well. It’s action-packed and steamy, full of mystery and vibrant characters. If I wasn’t already in love with this series, I think Stone Heart would’ve made me want to keep reading.

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But let’s get to the actual Stone Heart book review, shall we?

In Olympus, Medusa is only spoken about in whispers. Athena sends her out to make people disappear, and while this might not be the way she imagined her life going, she owes Athena a debt that can never be repaid.

Meanwhile, in the ivory towers of Olympus, Calypso spends her days as the mistress to the very wealthy, very married Odysseus. She is as cunning as she is beautiful, and she’s not opposed to seducing her would-be assassin in order stay alive.

stone heart book review

Even though this novella only clocks in at 81 pages, I immediately fell in love with both of these characters. Medusa is a stalwart soldier who is torn between duty and being her own person. No one ever asks her what she wants, and yet she doesn’t feel right questioning Athena’s leadership. There is plenty of blood on her hands, but what other life could she possibly lead given her particular set of skills?

And then there’s Calypso, who is not with Odysseus because she loves him, but because he can give her a comfortable life on the outskirts of Olympus’ high society. She is extremely unapologetic about what she’s doing, and after you discover the kind of person Odysseus is, you can’t exactly blame her.

Calypso outsmarts Medusa and takes a huge risk by going into the Lower City. Medusa knows it’s dangerous to follow her, and yet she can’t stay away—and not just because Athena ordered her to kill Calypso by any means necessary. These two are oil and water, and yet when they come together, they’re an unstoppable force.

Medusa provides Calypso with some stability (and, you know, orgasms), and Calypso softens some of Medusa’s hard edges. These two were simply made for each other—and there’s nothing quite like having an attempted assassination as your meetcute!

It was also fun to see Hades prior to him meeting Persephone, especially because it shows us a little more about how citizens of Olympus view him. And then there’s Charon, Hades’ right-hand man, and one of the main characters in the upcoming Midnight Ruin.

In the Amazon reviews I read, I saw a lot of fans were disappointed by how short this novella was. While I absolutely would’ve loved to read more about these two characters, I also think Stone Heart served its purpose to introduce people to the world and Katee’s writing, as well as provide some context for a couple that we’ll see again in later books. Rather than a longer version of this story, I’d think I’d actually want another novella set in this world—about, say, Atalanta!?

Like I said at the beginning of this Stone Heart book review, there’s no risk associated with picking up this novella—it’s free, it’s fast, and it’s a damn good story. Whether you’re a die-hard Dark Olympus fan or you’re interested in checking out the series, this will make for a fun read to whet your appetite.

‘Stone Heart’ published on February 16, 2023

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