Episode #81 – Danger, Will Solace!

Prophecy Radio episode #81 catches you up on everything you need to know about The Sun and the Star—with both a spoiler-free and spoiler-filled section. We also discuss all the latest Riordanverse news, including Rick and Becky’s trip to Ireland and Karen’s plans for the TSATS book tour. Lastly, we continue our journey through The Kane Chronicles with The Red Pyramid chapter 8! Remember, we’re keeping this discussion spoiler-free! New episodes of Prophecy Radio air weekly, and we keep our discussions PG-13.

News and updates (00:01:32)

  • Sarwat Chadda received a starred review from Kirkus for Fury of the Dragon Goddess!
  • Be sure to read Rick’s April 22 blog post to learn about his and Becky’s trip to Ireland.
  • We get a miniature update for the adaptation of “My Life as a Child Outlaw,” the short story from Cursed Carnivals and Other Calamities.
  • The Sun and the Star book tour is right around the corner!
  • Stay tuned to win some swag from the book tour!
  • Waterstones is offering a signed edition of the UK version of TSATS, so be sure to pre-order that ASAP!
  • Plus, sign up for Rick’s newsletter on his UK site for a possible look at The Sun and the Star chapter 1.
  • Barnes & Noble is having a sale on pre-orders, so be sure to take advantage of it!
  • Don’t worry, we’ll talk about Nemesis in the next section!

Everything you need to know about The Sun and the Star by Rick Riordan and Mark Oshiro (00:13:58)

  • This first part of the discussion is just a refresher of what has happened in previous books (so there are no spoilers for TSATS).
  • The Sun and the Star synopsis gives nothing away but definitely entices you to read.
  • Read Riordan did an OTP timelines article about Nico and Will, which was super helpful.
  • “The Sword of Hades” is a super helpful short story to read ahead of The Sun and the Star.
  • In The Son of Neptune, Nico goes to Tartarus for the first time.
  • Remember how great House of Hades is?
  • Could you imagine if Nico had left forever after The Blood of Olympus?
  • Nico is in a good chunk of the first and last books of The Trials of Apollo series.
  • In The Tower of Nero, we learn that Nico is suffering from PTSD.
  • Rick really set up The Sun and the Star in that final book in more than one way!
  • The troglodytes are super important in defeating Nero.
  • Which books are the most important to reread ahead of The Sun and the Star?
  • At this point, we announce that you may not want to keep listening if you’re avoiding all spoilers from the officially released articles. (Skip to the chapter discussion, if so!)
  • According to Read Riordan, it’s going to be important to know Bianca’s di Angelo’s backstory.
  • We learned A LOT about The Sun and the Star from the Amphithemus entry on Read Riordan.
  • Hypnos is gonna show up in the story, but we’re much more worried about Epiales.
  • Then there’s Gorgyra, and all we care about is what the real estate prices are like at the edge of Tartarus. Maybe it’s worth it?
  • The Sun and the Star is a book for Solangelo fans.
  • Will Gorgyra end up being an ally?
  • Now it’s finally time to talk about Nemesis.
  • Who’s in need of dealing with their inner balance?
  • Listen to our full discussion of The Sun and the Star chapter 1.
  • Who will be the villain in this story, and how big of a threat could they pose if this is meant to be a standalone novel?
  • We read your wildest theories for The Sun and the Star.
  • Will this all be a fever dream?
  • Could Mark and Rick pull from the Orpheus myth for the end of this book?
  • Will Bianca come back from the dead?
  • We know we’ll learn Will’s sexuality in The Sun and the Star.
  • What would Nico look like as a doughnut?
  • Is Small Bob gonna be Big Bob now?

The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid (01:16:12)

  • This week, we’re reading The Red Pyramid chapter 8.
  • Karen gets a flashback to The Land Before Time.
  • Poor Philip of Macedonia.
  • How cool (and stressful) would it be to have a little shabti go retrieve the actual artifacts you’re looking for?
  • Ermahgerd, serpopards!
  • Amos’ magic kind of sucks, tbh.
  • Thank the gods for Bast!
  • This chapter was super fun and had a lot of great moments and lines.

Feedback (01:29:46)

  • Thank you, Stephanie, for tuning in and giving us such a lovely compliment!

Thanks for listening, and tune in next time for episode 82, in which we’ll discuss the Boston The Sun and the Star book tour stop before discussing The Red Pyramid chapter 8.

This episode’s hosts are: Karen Rought and Kristen Kranz.

Each episode, our Prophecy Radio hosts and their guests will keep you up to date on the latest information coming out of Camp Half-Blood, including upcoming books and adaptation news, discuss a topic of choice, and do a chapter by chapter reread of the Percy Jackson series.

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