Episode #34 – Victims of Percabeth

Welcome to Prophecy Radio, a Percy Jackson podcast dedicated to all of Rick Riordan’s past, present, and future projects! Co-hosts Karen Rought and Kristen Kranz discuss the latest news in the Percy Jackson/Rick Riordan Presents fandom, then discuss our What If…? season 3 scenarios—aka the Titan’s Curse edition—as well as review Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth chapters 3 and 4. New episodes of Prophecy Radio air weekly, and all ages are welcome to tune in.

News and Updates (00:00:54)

  • Read Riordan tells us what to do in the event we lose our divine weapon.
  • It’s amazing to see how many Rick Riordan Presents books you can read to celebrate AANHPI month!
  • Who doesn’t want some PJOTV news!?
  • We recently found out Percy Jackson and the Olympians episode 1 will start filming on June 2.
  • We also learned they recently did a table read and that Becky is SUPER excited for the actor playing Chiron.
  • Social media is great for BTS videos and pictures. Make sure you’re following the Percy Jackson and the Olympians cast.
  • But it’s smart to keep in mind that not every kid they’re hanging out with is going to be on the show.
  • James Bobin is testing the cameras, and even that makes us emotional.
  • Mark Oshiro says the Solangelo book is done with the major edits!
  • We also learned about how long it is, and we are so excited!
  • Did you see the trailer for Idris Elba Leah’s new movie, Beast?
  • Mark your calendars! The Last Fallen Moon by Graci Kim now has a new release date.

What If…? season 3—Titan’s Curse (00:19:44)

  • You can listen to What If…? season 1 on Prophecy Radio episode #9 and What If…? season 2 on Prophecy Radio episode #23.
  • Thanks, Rachel, for reminding us about doing one for Titan’s Curse!
  • Should we do an episode about how they could’ve improved the movies with a Titan’s Curse adaptation?
  • This book has a lot of pivotal moments and makes for a great What If…? episode.
  • Karen wonders what if…Zoë had survived?
  • Thalia would be the likely target for the one dying at their parent’s hand, but what if it was Percy instead?
  • Kristen wants to know what if…Dr. Chase was a terrible father?
  • This could have major ripple effects down the line.
  • Karen now needs to know what if…Percy never met Rachel Elizabeth Dare at the Hoover Dam?
  • This might not have made as much of an impact down the line, but would Percy and Annabeth have gone on their date!?
  • Now Kristen is curious what if…Luke let Annabeth die?
  • We’re gonna go ahead and just say no to this whole scenario.
  • Fast-forwarding to Karen’s next question: What if…Luke had died at the end of the book?
  • Who would’ve become Kronos’ vessel?
  • Kristen’s actually got a nice one now: What if…Nico didn’t blame Percy for Bianca’s death?
  • Would it have taken a lot longer to find out who Nico’s godly parent was?
  • Thank you to everyone who wrote in their own What If…? scenarios!
  • What…if Luke had been the one turned into a tree?
  • What if…Percy had gone missing instead of Annabeth?
  • What if…Nico, Bianca, and Percy had never gone outside with Dr. Thorne?
  • What if…Zoë had killed Atlas?
  • What if…Nico snuck away on the quest like Percy?

Battle of the Labyrinth chapter reviews (00:56:52)

  • We’re so happy we’re back to reading our chapters for the week!
  • It’s time to talk about Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth chapter 3!
  • We finally find out what Clarisse’s secret quest was!
  • By the way, we’re totally here for this Clarisse and Annabeth friendship.
  • Luke trying to navigate the labyrinth is…not a good thing.
  • Rick’s concept of Ariadne’s string is really interesting here.
  • Pan being trapped in the labyrinth would make SO much sense.
  • We are totally here for Annabeth breaking some rules.
  • Is it weird we’re kind of into the war games?
  • Thank goodness Annabeth knows…everything.
  • The labyrinth is a little timey-wimey.
  • Grover, as always, has genius comedic timing.
  • Everything has been building to Percabeth, and we are HERE for it.
  • Now it’s time for Battle of the Labyrinth chapter 4!
  • Prophecy Count #16! It’s more of a dream of the past than anything else, but it totally counts.
  • We’re so glad we did a Monster Guide episode on the Minotaur!
  • It’s not often Clarisse has emotions other than anger, but we love her growth.
  • Can we make going to the Oracle a little less dangerous??
  • We want Quintus to be good, but he’s super suspicious.
  • Callie weighs in on Theseus, son of Poseidon.
  • Does Clarisse have feelings about Chris Rodriguez?
  • Prophecy Count #17!
  • It’s a very important prophecy, and Annabeth is totally not fooling into believing she forgot the last lines.
  • Annabeth breaks the rules AGAIN.
  • But it’s so nice to see Annabeth and Tyson’s relationship growing stronger.
  • Single-use items are THE WORST.
  • Grover really, really doesn’t like caves.
  • Callie stole Kristen’s favorite moment—how rude!
  • The Percabeth hug really was the best part of this chapter, though.

Feedback (01:29:47)

  • Caoimhe writes in again and makes us feel AWESOME.
  • We’re REALLY excited to start the Kane Chronicles series.
  • And, oh boy, she likes the longer episodes!
  • Can you tell our voices apart yet?
  • Check out Prophecy Radio episode #4 for our Daughter of the Deep discussion.

Thanks for listening, and tune in next time for episode 35, in which we may do a Percy Jackson and the Olympians fancasting roundup OR we might do a Monster Guide on hellhounds.

This episode’s hosts are: Karen Rought and Kristen Kranz.

Each episode, our Prophecy Radio hosts and their guests will keep you up to date on the latest information coming out of Camp Half-Blood, including upcoming books and adaptation news, discuss a topic of choice, and do a chapter by chapter reread of the Percy Jackson series.

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